Maebelle, the Diva

24760_613001702939_5376124_nMaebelle “Bella” Ravencraft [1 May 2007 – present]

Bella came to me by accident. I will not give her full story in case those who mistreated her try to claim her after all these years. I was able to track down her original owner and the owner was so happy I had her that she asked me to cease looking for her current foster home.

It was with great happiness that I was able to oblige. Bella’s Nanna, what we call her ‘owner’, has seen her, and receives pictures of her frequently. I’ve even taken her to see her Nanna.

Bella just fit right in with the pack, which at the time consisted of my Samson, and my parents 2 dogs, a male and a female [both 1/2 jack russell, 1/2 fiest – although I’m sure the owner wasn’t watching his gyp because they both look like and act like border collie mixes, lol, she slipped under the fence, I’m thoroughly convinced].

Bella was the ‘baby’ in the group, at 2 years old, and I treated her as such. Today, she’s a spoiled 6 year old, and I do mean S P O I L E D.

She was born to show dogs, but her tail kicked her out of the family business. Her tail looked as if someone ‘docked it’, but it was just an extremely recessive gene. Her eyes are the same color as her coat, fawn. A few years ago, I noticed she was having trouble eating, so off to the vet we went. When I picked her up, they give her back to me less 4 bottom teeth. Since then she’s had 2 more pulled. Turns out she has gum disease, another very recessive gene in her blood-line. Around the same time, I also noticed she was having trouble with her toenails and while there is no medical term for her condition these are the signs – her toenails turned sideways, making it impossible for me to trim, so it’s twice a month to the vet to keep them short; and her toenails ‘sluff’ off, for a lack of a better word, and she will be left with a tiny tip which is sore until her nail starts to grow back out.

When she came into my life, I wasn’t sure I could love 2 Chihuahuas, as all of my attention was on my aging Samson. I managed to find her a little place in my heart and the piece grew bigger, smile. With the passing of my Samson, I’ve leaned on Bella to keep me going. Bella on the other hand, is not a nurse maid like Sam was, and she finds all the crying rather obnoxious. It takes away from her time with me, smile. She will stare at me and whine as I cry. I pick up her woogy and she’s ready to play. I cry, she plays – for now anyway.

She demands to be held, as she’s a diva and divas do not walk on the ground, lol. It’s as if I’ve passed down the worst punishment on her when I won’t hold her. Granted, I know the rocks hurt her toenails, so I pick her up and put her down the minute we are clear of the rocks. She will wait just at the edge when she’s ready to go in, and I pick her up and take her in, then down she goes. Yeah, I’m the one who spoils her. Now she gets the royal treatment since it’s just me and her, laugh.

As I lay on the bed last night, watching her sleep, I made her a promise to keep. I promised I’d get better and the grieving for Samson wouldn’t last forever. I am slowly letting her back in, but with great reservation, as I know I will someday lose her, too. However, it’s not her fault, so I can’t punish her, withdraw from her because I’m afraid. God saw Sam’s passing coming, so he sent me Maebelle. Until last night, I’ve been afraid she’ll take Sam’s place, but I realized, no one could ever take his place in my heart, no one!  I have tons of room for Bella and more like her. If you haven’t noticed a pattern here, let me write it out for you. God always makes sure I have a Chihuahua, and when I learn the pup has health issues, I’m always happy to do my part to make their lives as happy, pleasant, and healthy as humanly possible.

With that said, I’m waiting on God for my next Chihuahua…smile.

I tell her every night, “I love you to the moon and back” and she knows it, of that, I’m sure.

Samson and Maebelle

Samson and Maebelle



This is how she always sleeps, with her head bowed. Go figure!

This is how she always sleeps, with her head bowed. Go figure!


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