Oh my…

A lot has happened since I posted last. First, Maebelle has decided that poohing on mommy’s bed is cool. She’s had a few issues so I let it slide, now I think she is doing it because she doesn’t want to go outside, can we say lazy?! I’ll have to break this habit she’s formed. Second, my GP decided it would be beneficial for me to drop some weight, as I haven’t been able to exercise since my wreck in Aug 2011. He gives me a Rx for the Gateway program at Anatomies, I reluctantly decide it might be worth while, so I contact the director of the program, fax her my Rx, my issues and a copy of my PT orders. [I started PT for my neck and shoulders yesterday, 20 June.] I asked Lee, the overseer of the Gateway program if she thought she could help me. She quickly responded, I go in and see her Monday and she gives me the tour and what she can offer me, while working with the therapist. I decided I need to do this as I keep gaining weight, and it’s not healthy and the older I get the harder it will be to get off. Mind you, I now have 22 months of non-exercise on my body, it’s not a happy camper and neither am I!

Monday, wasn’t bad. Tuesday, some moves I was unable to do, but they were modified and I was good to go. Thursday morning, PT, she poked, pulled, pushed, and hit all the problem areas. I guess that’s why she’s called a PT, laugh. Thursday after work, off the the gym, 20 mins of lower body (NuStep recumbent bike), couldn’t use my arms because my neck, shoulders and arms were so sore for that morning’s PT exam. We started at 6, did circuit training with a twist, no I’m not telling, join and see for yourself what we did. It was fun, but I wasn’t able to lift my left arm, so I was doing standing ‘jumping jacks’ without jumping and only raising my right arm. In hind sight, I should’ve just moved my legs and left the right arm down as well, sigh. Afterwards, we all stretched, and met up in a room with a guest speaker and a few others who spoke. I was impressed with the gathering beginning with a prayer – I’m all for praying, I did a lot of it while doing the circuit, laugh. I didn’t realize the staff that spoke were so faith-based. Honestly, it’s like joining a faith-based gym, no lie! It was so comforting, some part of me decided to let my wall down just a little to see what I could see. Today, Friday, I roll out of bed, sore from head to toe and places I had forgotten about. My body was [and still is] screaming at me, but my mind is on a high! Any way, I had PT first thing this morning. She stretched, had me stretch, showed me my homework, and off to work I headed. Mind you, I seriously started to call in ‘sick’ after she got through with me because now I was sore from last night at the gym and sore from her stretching me and me stretching me.

All of my muscles are fighting me from the top of my head to my hips. They are unhappy and sore, and no amount of meds I take make them love me, weak laugh. BUT, I tell myself, someone else has it worse than me today, so count your blessings you can feel those muscles complaining, count your blessings you have a job to go to, just count your blessings. [I talk to me a lot, as I seem to be the only one who understands me, smile.]

I think I’ve found a family in my new gym. I have a PT to help me stretch and get my neck and shoulders to playing fair. I have…and that in and of itself is a blessing!

I will make sure my new gym family and my therapist knows how much I appreciate them and what they do for me. I will give thanks and pay it forward.

Be blessed in Christ Jesus….