And Lady Gigi makes three….

I would like to introduce you to our third cat and second tortie, “Lady Gigi”.
(see the end as to how she came about her name)

Thursday night on October 13 (2016), I heard a noise on my front porch. I jumped up and was getting ready to fuss at Miss Bubbles (she has a habit of going out back and coming around to the front door and knocks to come in). When I yanked open the door, there was this kitty. She had been jumping up and down to get anything she could find out of our trash on the front porch. I quickly shut the door and told my momma it wasn’t Bubbles, it was a kitten. I eased the door open, walked outside and called her to me. Initially, she ran. I then eased back and she ran straight to me.

(Oh, how do I know she’s a she without inspecting? She’s a tortie and 99.9% of torties are little girls.)

I almost died! She was nothing but skin and bones. I took her inside. My parents fell in love with her immediately. I just couldn’t imagine such a young kitten on her own.

I gave her a little bit of Maebelle’s food. It’s in a pate form. The kitten just ate it up so quickly. I gave her a little more and she ate it in a second. I managed to get her into my arms to look into her mouth without her biting me, again! (Yes she bit me. She smelled the food I had just fixed her on my finger). She had her adult teeth and her mouth was ash white. I knew she would die if I didn’t help. Thus began the 2 hour feeding shifts. I would feed her food and dilute 2% milk. She would eat and drink, then get in my arms and sleep. Cats will always clean themselves after eating, she didn’t start doing that until Friday afternoon. I showed her where the litter box was and she knew exactly what it was for. Makes me wonder if someone didn’t just throw her out.

My mother, God love her, did the 2 hour feedings Friday while I was at work. (I stopped Friday on my way home and picked up some kitten milk. She drank it like it was her last meal on Earth)

Friday night, I made the mistake of letting her go explore. I heard some noise in the kitchen and walked in to find her in the middle of the table eating the bread. I almost cried. I picked her up and gave her some more food which she quickly gobbled up. Needless to say, the starvation mode stayed on and it took us buying a clear container in which to store our bread and chips before we were able to keep her out of them.

I was supposed to take her to the vet that Saturday. My daddy asked me to wait until the next Saturday (October 22), so I waited. All weekend, I fed her, snuggled her, showed her how to play, and she eased up on the starvation mode eating. She was eating but not picking up any weight.

I took her to the vet that following Saturday, the vet said she was at least 6 months old. I started crying. She didn’t look a day over 5 or 6 weeks old. He wormed her and sent us on our way. The trip back home was horrible for all three of us – oh yeah, Maebelle wanted to ride, so she was with us. I’ll spare everyone the details. I just knew I was going to lose her to the worm treatment, but she finally pulled out of the slump she was in after the worming.

My vet said he wanted to wait to chip, start her vaccinations and spade her. After dealing with the wormer, I’m afraid to do vaccinations, but I know she has to have them. She is still so very tiny, but last night I did let out her break-away collar just a bit. I’m not one to leave a collar on a cat, but until she gets chipped, she will wear her collar. She learned to use the doggie doors this past Friday, and is now going in and out at her discretion.

I’m not really a cat lover. However, I think my maternal instinct kicked in and I’m so happy she chose to adopt us – or rather our trash, and well, we come with the trash. Laugh!

Now, I just pray she doesn’t come in heat until I can get her spade. She’s still so small, I doubt my vet will want to attempt any kind of surgery, including chipping her, until she has more weight on her. She’s still boney, but she is a live wire.

She has run both of the big cats out of the house, and the dogs ease into a room to see if she’s lying in wait to jump on them. It’s so funny. One of our cats has decided enough is enough, she’s coming back in, and she’ll now stand her ground (roflmbo!). This would normally annoy me, but just to see her play, makes me smile.

She’s alive!

Jesus sent her to us and as long as I have breath in me, I’ll always care for her. She’ll never have to hunt for food, although I know she will.

These are the names I went through before settling on Lady Gigi:

  1. Chuca
  2. Chuita
  3. Goldie Locks
  4. Goldie
  5. Gigi
  6. Lady Gigi

Chuca and Chuita were too close to my late Samson’s nickname, Chuey, and my momma asked me to name her something she could say, lol.

Now, for her unveiling: Lady Gigi!!!!!!!!!!