Migraine strikes again…

and this time, I have no one to cover for me.

My migraines have been few and far between this year (thank God!), but the one I have now, going on day 3, is hanging on for dear life, at least that’s the way it feels.

When I have them, I usually have a co-worker who can cover for me, but this time she is out taking a break, which she dearly deserves.

But with her being out, I’m the only 8 to 5er, everyone else is part-time, so they are unable to work 8 to 5.  This means, I’m in at 8, keep the lights off in the office (thank God I have my own office!) lay down on the floor at lunch, dim the lights on the computer, and wait 5:00 out.

I’m not functional with a migraine and get very little, if anything, done.  I can’t take any meds while at work because they make me incoherent (more so than the migraine makes me).

I’m just very thankful that it’s fall break and the students are taking advantage of that break, and 5:00 signals the weekend, so I can go home, to my dark room, and wait this migraine out!

Migraines are the devil…weak smile.