Picture of the wedding cake…

As promised, a picture of the wedding cake that almost caused me to go to drinking, grin.  It was very pretty and fun to work with. Next time, no way will I take a wedding cake order a week and a half before the wedding day.
This was my one, and only, good deed for bride and grooms (yeah we know I’m lying, but work with me here, laugh).
I hope the happy couple lives happily ever after….

Cake disasters a plenty…

Ok, at no time have I ever claimed to be a professional cake decorator.  I’m a Buddy wanna be, and I can make some awesome cakes, but when I screw up, man do I screw up.  
Example, I’m making a wedding cake for Saturday.  It’s consists of 4″ tall, 16″ squared, 12″ squared, and a 6″ tall 8″ squared cake.  It’s enough to feed 300-400 people, but only 65 people will be attending the wedding (at best).
The bride’s aunt waited until last Tuesday to find a cake decorator and my sister volunteered me and I’m a sucker to help people in a pinch so I agreed (against my better judgement).  
So the first three 8″ layers were no problem.  Then last night, I baked up the first of two, 12″ cakes, and when I went to flip the cake over on the make shift cooling racks, which my sister and I had famously decided to tie together with bread ties, we forgot to put all four hands on the cake and when I flipped, half the cake hit the table and floor.  
At that point, I reached over and grabbed my glass of ever so red wine, said cheers and chugged.  Then I proceeded to clean up the mess and give the cake to my Daddy.  Samson, my chichi, took care of what was on the floor (and dug himself into insanity all night).
My sister and I just looked at each other and I calmly walked over and started mixing up another batch for the oven.
Now, on any other night (or day), if that would’ve happened, I would’ve cussed like a sailor and made sure everyone heard me, but I realized, nope it’s just a cake, I can make another one, lesson learned.  I didn’t use the make shift cooling racks, I used my cake board, which is what I should’ve done in the first place, but naw, so I had no one to blame but myself.
With that confessed, I’m more determined than ever to make this cake the prettiest wedding cake ever seen by man, we’ll that’s the motivation, the reality is, it’s a cake and something else is bound to go wrong, cross your fingers, toes, say a prayer, meditate for me, what ever your poison is, I just need the 2 16″ layers to come out of the oven without a hitch and for them to icing up perfectly, and for the cake to not fall apart before the cake is cut.
I should be very nervous and worried, it’s someone’s wedding cake after all, but nope, I’m viewing it as just another cake, and hopefully that will keep me from panicing and doing the ‘holy crap, i’m doing a wedding cake, what if I….”, which I do with other people’s cakes.
I’ll post a picture when it is set-up tomorrow afternoon, and would be happy to have lots of praise from all of my followers, just to make me feel good about it, ’cause Lord knows I’ve worked my butt off already and am making absolutely no money off of this deal, just doing a good deed.
And with that said, my sister reminded me last night, as I was discussing the above, a closed hand can not receive anything, but an open hand receives abundantly, so I guess you could say my hand and heart were definitely opened when I heard the story and took on this cake.
May God bless the bride and groom, and may they have a wonderful life together.
In Christ,

Cake update – part 3

Sorry it took so long to blog again…

I finished the cake, it was beautiful, but the birthday girl never said it was pretty (or ugly) or even thank you.  My feelings were hurt, but that’s life, you get treated unfairly, but must continue on….

So here’s the final product….

Cake update – part 2

Ok, I torted (with chocolate pudding) and crumb-coated all the cakes last night. Yeah!
The gluten-free layers and the 2-6″ rounds weren’t a problem. 

However, when I went to level one of the bottom 10″ layers, the &;^! leveler was off and it cut the cake up something bad.  I almost had a heart attack!

After about 10 minutes of gasping for air, I finally figured out a way to ‘fix’ it.  I torted the side that was off,  with a few layers of icing and added pudding to make it level and BAM! there it is was, the whole cake looked level. WHEW!

Tonight, I put on the final layers, airbrush and put on the decorations.

I’ll be calling James to come get it first thing in the morning, so if anything happens to it after that, it won’t be my fault.  LOL!

Pictures will be posted sometime next week.

Until then, happy caking….

Cake update – part 1

Ok, so last night I got out my practice cake, put the icing on, and airbrushed it lime green and electric blue. Airbrushing comes so natural.  Maybe it’s because my daddy used to paint cars.  I suppose I’m a chip off the old block.  Grin.

Then I rolled out the fondant (which I forgot to put gumpaste in); cut out a few designs; cut out the letters with tappits (this is where the gumpaste int he fondant would’ve been handy – it would’ve dried faster, thus speeding up my work time, but no, the brain wasn’t in 5th gear, if it was in a gear at all); and cut out some funky flowers (yes that’s the name of the cutter set).

I finished around 9PM, cleaned up and ate a piece of that cake (and 1/2 a sleeve of girl scout cookies) ’cause I was running all out when I made it home from work and didn’t take the time to stop and eat.  

Needless to say, my right hand is hurting very bad.  I need to start using my left hand again, I’m ambidextrous you know – get that from my daddy, too.

Stay tuned for more….

Caking news….

As pretty as it was this past weekend, I spent all of it inside.  😦

My brother’s step-daughter is turning 16 this Friday, with a party Saturday, and he asked me to do her cake.  Being the sweet sister that I am, I agreed. 

Saturday, I made 2-10″ round cakes and 2-6″ round cakes.  Then spent a few hours at his place eating the burgers he grilled…yummy.  

Sunday, I went to church; then made 2 more 6″ round cakes – gluten free, for his wife (I’m really not sure why she can’t make her own, but when I ask questions like that, I get in trouble with the family, so I keep my mouth shut and do it!); 4 double batches of icing; washed and put up 3 loads of clothes; and managed to watch bits and pieces of Unstoppable and Predator in between all of that.

Needless to say, I am hurting from the top of my head to the end of my toes.  My fingers feel like they are 10xs their normal size and I can barely move them.  My knees feel like I have been standing on concrete for 12 hours straight – bare-footed – close enough, I was in my house-shoes, wrong thing to do, but I hated to wear my shoes….

After work, I have to make a batch of royal icing for piping work I’ll do on the cake.  Then I get to practice air-brushing on an extra 6″ round I made Saturday.

I even went so far is to have a friend of mine in the UK mail me a set (large & small) of Ann Pickard’s funky flower cutters.  Actually, I’ve been wanting a set since she went to market with them and just couldn’t justify the cost, but now…maybe I shouldn’t have, but I did, so it’s done…grin.

This cake should be just what a 16 year old would like, but one never knows, as my vision is different from theirs but I’m doing this cake labor fee (he only had to buy the ingredients), so I get to do what I want, to some extent any way.

We’ll see how it goes.  Cross your fingers….

I’ll update next Monday.

Until then happy caking….