At my feet, Lady Gigi, 5 months later…

At my feet….

Gigi is no longer a ‘baby in need’. She’s now a tortie in her terrible twos, just ask our other animals. She’s so pretty. She has gained weight and is growing so tall. It’s hard to believe she was on the verge of death when she found me.

When the day starts dawning, she’s up and at it. She’s running through the house, jumping on my leg if I don’t get her food fast enough, jumping on the dogs and cats. She’s so happy. I tell others, I can’t correct her because she’s just so happy to be alive!

She runs around herding the dogs into one room. She then sits in the door way to make sure her dogs stay in place. When she’s tired of making the dogs stay, she then goes after the cats. She will run up to them, put her paw up to slap them and the older cats will make all sorts of warning cries. They will turn to run and the race is on. Gigi’s goal, to run them both outside. Once she gets them out, she’ll sit on the other side of the doggie door and slap them every time they stick their head in. (She will also do this with the dogs if she catches one outside.) It’s so funny to watch. Grin. 

Gigi 2

This is what she looks like when she’s keeping her dogs and cats rounded-up. LOL

She usually does her work from 6am – 10am and then again around 4pm-bedtime, usually around 9pm. During her down time, she sleeps on her Pooh Bear binkie I gave her which covers up a soft pillow. Yes, I have her spoiled. 

Gigi 3

How can one be mean to such a sweet face?

She has taken to sleeping against, and sometimes on, my feet. She has literally taken Chuey’s place. She sleeps on me the very same way Samson used to. Her sleeping position is greatly appreciated on my behalf. I still miss my Samson. I don’t guess I will ever stop missing him.

Here’s to my herding, foot warming cat!

Gigi 2017

And Lady Gigi makes three….

I would like to introduce you to our third cat and second tortie, “Lady Gigi”.
(see the end as to how she came about her name)

Thursday night on October 13 (2016), I heard a noise on my front porch. I jumped up and was getting ready to fuss at Miss Bubbles (she has a habit of going out back and coming around to the front door and knocks to come in). When I yanked open the door, there was this kitty. She had been jumping up and down to get anything she could find out of our trash on the front porch. I quickly shut the door and told my momma it wasn’t Bubbles, it was a kitten. I eased the door open, walked outside and called her to me. Initially, she ran. I then eased back and she ran straight to me.

(Oh, how do I know she’s a she without inspecting? She’s a tortie and 99.9% of torties are little girls.)

I almost died! She was nothing but skin and bones. I took her inside. My parents fell in love with her immediately. I just couldn’t imagine such a young kitten on her own.

I gave her a little bit of Maebelle’s food. It’s in a pate form. The kitten just ate it up so quickly. I gave her a little more and she ate it in a second. I managed to get her into my arms to look into her mouth without her biting me, again! (Yes she bit me. She smelled the food I had just fixed her on my finger). She had her adult teeth and her mouth was ash white. I knew she would die if I didn’t help. Thus began the 2 hour feeding shifts. I would feed her food and dilute 2% milk. She would eat and drink, then get in my arms and sleep. Cats will always clean themselves after eating, she didn’t start doing that until Friday afternoon. I showed her where the litter box was and she knew exactly what it was for. Makes me wonder if someone didn’t just throw her out.

My mother, God love her, did the 2 hour feedings Friday while I was at work. (I stopped Friday on my way home and picked up some kitten milk. She drank it like it was her last meal on Earth)

Friday night, I made the mistake of letting her go explore. I heard some noise in the kitchen and walked in to find her in the middle of the table eating the bread. I almost cried. I picked her up and gave her some more food which she quickly gobbled up. Needless to say, the starvation mode stayed on and it took us buying a clear container in which to store our bread and chips before we were able to keep her out of them.

I was supposed to take her to the vet that Saturday. My daddy asked me to wait until the next Saturday (October 22), so I waited. All weekend, I fed her, snuggled her, showed her how to play, and she eased up on the starvation mode eating. She was eating but not picking up any weight.

I took her to the vet that following Saturday, the vet said she was at least 6 months old. I started crying. She didn’t look a day over 5 or 6 weeks old. He wormed her and sent us on our way. The trip back home was horrible for all three of us – oh yeah, Maebelle wanted to ride, so she was with us. I’ll spare everyone the details. I just knew I was going to lose her to the worm treatment, but she finally pulled out of the slump she was in after the worming.

My vet said he wanted to wait to chip, start her vaccinations and spade her. After dealing with the wormer, I’m afraid to do vaccinations, but I know she has to have them. She is still so very tiny, but last night I did let out her break-away collar just a bit. I’m not one to leave a collar on a cat, but until she gets chipped, she will wear her collar. She learned to use the doggie doors this past Friday, and is now going in and out at her discretion.

I’m not really a cat lover. However, I think my maternal instinct kicked in and I’m so happy she chose to adopt us – or rather our trash, and well, we come with the trash. Laugh!

Now, I just pray she doesn’t come in heat until I can get her spade. She’s still so small, I doubt my vet will want to attempt any kind of surgery, including chipping her, until she has more weight on her. She’s still boney, but she is a live wire.

She has run both of the big cats out of the house, and the dogs ease into a room to see if she’s lying in wait to jump on them. It’s so funny. One of our cats has decided enough is enough, she’s coming back in, and she’ll now stand her ground (roflmbo!). This would normally annoy me, but just to see her play, makes me smile.

She’s alive!

Jesus sent her to us and as long as I have breath in me, I’ll always care for her. She’ll never have to hunt for food, although I know she will.

These are the names I went through before settling on Lady Gigi:

  1. Chuca
  2. Chuita
  3. Goldie Locks
  4. Goldie
  5. Gigi
  6. Lady Gigi

Chuca and Chuita were too close to my late Samson’s nickname, Chuey, and my momma asked me to name her something she could say, lol.

Now, for her unveiling: Lady Gigi!!!!!!!!!!


Samson, 3 years later….

Here I am three years after your passing and still it seems like yesterday. Tomorrow is your birthday, you would’ve been 15. Now is the time I should be worrying about you leaving me, not when you were 4 months shy of your 12th birthday.

I’ve tried not thinking about you, but that doesn’t working. I think about you 24/7, 365 (366). I caught myself crying at work yesterday. When I realized I was crying, I stopped what I was doing and wiped my face. I heard my 2nd momma say, ‘pull up your big girl panties and get over it’. It’s not the best mantra, but one to snap me out of the tears.

A friend of mine re-posted a post by Cora Neumann on Facebook yesterday, I think it’s a wonderful post and everyone who’s suffering a loss of life of any kind (or is watching someone grieve), should understand it’s ok to let us grieve and mourn. You just need to remind us not to ‘die with the dead’.

I know my friend, nor Cora, intended for this post to seen by anyone in particular, but it has touched me in such a profound manner. I also know you were a Chihuahua and not human; however, you were my very best friend. We were spiritually|emotionally bound to each other from the moment I put you in that little box to take you home. You were a 1 lb 2 oz, full of piss and vinegar, Chihuahua. The box swallowed you! I had to dump you out of the box to show you to my siblings. You ran straight to me, barking at my brother and sister because they tried to pet you. It was over. I knew I’d give my life for you, but you never asked. You never asked for much of anything. I made sure you had the best of everything. I just didn’t see your death coming. If I would’ve, I would’ve hocked my life to have your valve replaced.

I miss you so badly. I don’t have anyone to tell my deepest thoughts to. I have no one to just talk to. I have no one to cry with. I knew you wouldn’t/couldn’t tell on me, and  you used to let me snot all over you and then let out a sigh of relief when I was finished. You knew when I was hurting emotionally, spiritually and physically, and you made sure you stayed on me for comfort. I have no one to do that now. The ladies in your pack, they don’t love me the way you loved me.

Our family always ‘gets on to me’ for still crying for you. The day I stop crying for you, is the day I take my last breath on this Earth. And most nights I pray for Jesus to come get me, I get so tired of fighting for a place in this rat race called life – without you.

I love you. I still need you. And ask Jesus every morning|night to give you a kiss right between your ears – your fur was so soft there.

Nope, I’ll never stop missing you, nor crying for you until we are reunited again.

One day Samson, one day we’ll be reunited and all of Heaven will be ours to explore together!

Mommy loves you. Please tell me how to make the tears stop, please!

Hugs and belly rubs!

Holiday blues…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had everyone except one of my sister’s and her husband (he has the flu…he should’ve gotten the flu shot!).

I made sure I stayed busy; however, all I could think about was my Sam. I know I can’t have him back, but if I could, I would wish him back to me in a heart beat! He loved the scraps, the vanilla wafers from the banana pudding, and my momma’s dressing.

All I could do was cry! I didn’t like holidays before he passed away, and I sure don’t like them with him gone. The second holiday without him. Sooner or later I’m sure I’ll stop crying, but for now…now I don’t even try to stop.

Be blessed,


A picture my mom found of him. His pawpaw gave him a skunk and he loved that skunk!

I’ve been adopted, again….

Last Tuesday night, as I was taking Maebelle out for her nightly constitutional, a black cat bailed off of our porch, ran to the gate and sat there looking at me. I tried to call him to me to no avail. Maebelle and I went back to bed. When I came in the door Wednesday after work, my mother said “be real careful when you go on the porch there’s a kitten out there”. I knew it was my cat from Tuesday night. I eased outside, sat on the porch and he walked up talking and kneading. I put my hand on him to rub and his motor kicked in. That was it, it was over, I was in love. Now mind you, I DO NOT like cats, especially sow cats because they don’t love you, they are fickle. Toms on the other hand, the more love the better.

I went back inside, opened a can of wet dog food (all I had) and he almost took my hand off, he was starving. Literally, I could rub down his back, count every vertebrae and count every rib. And his fur wasn’t soft and kind like well kept cats are. I loved on him some more, made him a bed and went off to bed myself.

I was so excited when I woke up Thursday. I fed the inside dogs, got the cat some thing to eat and walked on the porch and no cat. He had gotten sick during the night. I called him and he didn’t come. I took the food in and asked my mother if she’d feed him if she saw him. She called me later that morning and told me he’d come up and ate. I got home Thursday night, same dance, I loved on him, fed him and then I named him…Riddick. We went through a few names until he looked at me when I said Riddick, so there you have it. A cat with a name. We went to bed Thursday night, Friday morning, no Riddick and he’d gotten sick, again. Saturday, I put him in the pet taxi, which he walked into without any problems, and off to the vet we went.

Turns out, Riddick, is about four or five years old and wormy (duh!!!). He had his blood drawn – negative for feline leukemia and aids – woohoo! And Dr. Chip clipped his nails which were sharp, trust me, he likes to knead on you as you pet him.

I had some very short errands to run before going home, he never cried the first time (my sister was in the car with him, I NEVER leave my animals in the car, EVER!). We made it home, he came out, I fed him and loved on him. By that afternoon, I just knew I was going to loose him. He was so sick from the worm medicine. I went to bed and cried because I just knew I’d killed him. He was too frail and underfed for a wormer that strong.

Sunday morning couldn’t get here fast enough. He’d gotten sick, again, and was gone. I called and called and nothing. I walked back in and told the parents I knew better than to let him be wormed until he had more meat on him. Just as I was getting ready for church, Momma walked in and said Riddick is on the front porch ready for his food. I dressed as fast as I could (which isn’t fast in the mornings, as I’m so stiff). I grabbed his food, I had it all ready, walked out on the porch and there he was, talking, kneading and rubbing up against me.

I fed him. After he ate, I picked him up and rubbed and he purred and he has my heart for sure. (Not Samson’s part, but a piece which Samson left behind.) After church, I fed him a little more, and continued that through out the day. He never got sick. Last night, I fed him, loved on him, we had our little talk (he’s an excellent listener, like Samson was) and I was in for the night.

This morning when I got up and took Maebelle out, he jumped off the swing. I picked him up, loved on him, and went back inside and fixed his food. I fed the dogs, took him his food and rubbed him down the back, he felt like a different cat. I’m not sure a wormer is supposed to work that fast, but he feels different. And he wasn’t sick!!!!!! Riddick 1, worms 0!!!!!

I was supposed to take him in today for a neutering, but he was so very sick Saturday that I think I owed it to him to give him a week before I cause more pain to be inflicted on him. Next Monday, he’s be fixed and vaccinated while he’s under.

Some of his funnies, he will put his paws on you like a dog and stretch while you rub him down the back. If you start to walk away and he’s not finished loving, he will take his paws and grab your leg. He scared me the first time he did that.

I know he used to belong to someone, he had to because he is so lovable. He’s crate trained and is an indoor/outdoor cat, although there is no indoor for him until he is fixed and vaccinated. Then we’ll see if we can transition him inside/outside like our other two sow cats (who DO NOT like him, he has the front porch to himself, neh!).

I know I shouldn’t fall so hard for a Tom cat because we’ve had our fair share and they’ve all met their ends in the road (I’m hoping and praying the fence will be a detriment), lost a fight to a younger Tom, or failed to out round the wild dogs on our hill. Either way, I will love Riddick while I have him. I will see that he’s fed and never has to worry about his next meal. I will keep him wormed and vaccinated, so he doesn’t have to worry about being sick. And when his last day on Earth comes, I hope I’ve given him all the love he can handle.

My beautiful Riddick….

Riddick 10411817_1529548543958927_2460782922648703084_n 10636322_1529548537292261_240101044553228796_n10488278_1529548547292260_1185592095812401637_n

Maebelle’s ability to scare the poo out of me

Maebelle is the only child I have left. She is pampered unlike no diva dog I’ve ever met.

Set-up: My momma (she baby sits for me) was outside. She noticed Bella (aka Maebelle) wasn’t outside with her, so she goes inside to find her. When she finds her, she is laying in Teddy’s (go read the Pack page) spot with her back to Momma. Momma called her, she turned around and hopped to her with her back right leg up.

Note: Bella is a bit of a whiney-pants. She’ll hold a paw up in a heart beat to get in someone’s arms. Yes, I’ve spoiled her, she’s mine and I allowed! LOL

Momma’s call to me: Sister something is wrong with Bella’s right leg. She is holding it up. We are on our way to the vet with her. I’m sorry she was in the house and I was outside.

My reply: Momma, you’re not to blame. Maybe she tried to jump on your bed and missed, or fell off of the bed. Do I need to meet you guys at the vet?

Momma: No, I’ll call you and let you know.

So it was a sit and wait game, which I DO NOT do well.

My phone rings, it’s my daddy. I immediately prepare myself for something bad. My daddy never calls!

Daddy: Sister, she’s gonna be okay, here talk with the doctor.

My doctor: She’s okay, nothings broken. She either sprang her leg/ankle, or she was bitten by a wasp or something like that because she had a red streak running up her little ankle. I’ll give her a steroid shot, and send some home with your parents. She should be just fine.

Hmmm, I never trust anyone when they tell me my child will be just fine. Just because she’s the only one left. The rest of the afternoon, a whole hour, the clock crawled around to 5pm.

I drove home as fast as I could, jumped out, and walked in the house and there was bouncing Bella. Jumping, whining, waiting for me to pick her up. If she had been a child, I would’ve spanked her! The nerve! I was so freakin’ worried and there she was doing donuts waiting for me to pick her up.

I picked her up and loved on her. When I put her down, she walked a few paces, turned, looked at me then held up her back leg. I caved, as I always do. I picked her up, carried her around outside for a while, then sat down to knit with her wrapped in her binkie beside me.

Only then I couldn’t concentrate to knit. My brain was in overdrive from my momma’s frantic call to me. I tried watching a bit of tv, nothing. I finally gave up, at the suggestion of a friend whom I was texting. I closed my eyes and the next thing I remember was my head falling forward. It was very early, but I didn’t care, I took the pups out for their nightly constitutionals, and Bella and I went to bed. Sleep was easy to find after I’d spent so my brain energy of the diva!

This morning, she was up, limping a little bit, but no worse for the wear. I told her to stop jumping on beds. She knows better. She has a couch and a recliner to lay on, the beds are off limits. My daddy put up a ‘doggy fence’ to keep her out of their room when they are outside, laugh. I got the feeling Daddy didn’t want another ’emergency’.

I love my Bella and would go to the end of the Earth for her if it meant she’d be well.

All pet owners (and non-pet owners), remember, when  you are away from the house, your inside animals will go where you’ve trained them not to only because they can. If there’s a room/area you don’t want them in, just put up a doggy fence.

LIfe is never dull with Maebelle!

Puppy dog paws!

Gertie, Recently

Calling all dog lovers/owners, we have a senior dog who needs to find her fur-ever home. She needs to be the only dog. She isn’t aggressive, she just doesn’t seem to fit into ‘packs’. She’s a loner, so all you loners out there, give Gertie a look-see and let’s give her the love she obviously didn’t get before arriving at Run A Muck Ranch.

Adventures at Run A Muck Ranch

Yup, Gertie is still here.

The few people who called on the fliers I posted didn’t read them very well, and discussion of Gert’s age was the deal breaker for some.  Those who weren’t concerned about her age didn’t read the part about her being a house dog.  That the interested parties intended to keep Gertie outside was a deal breaker for me.

Sweet Gertie, still sporting the bad haircut.  Sweet Gertie, still sporting the bad haircut.

A rescue did eventually list Gertie on their web site, but her bio was cut off mid sentence.  Hey, she’s listed though!

A no-kill shelter offered to take her but we declined.   An old lady needs to be in a home, not a kennel.

A foster offer also eventually came up, but by that time it had been almost 2 months and Gertie had settled in.  A month earlier, we would have jumped at the chance.  But by the…

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Spring sprung…

13May14 Momma's pink rose

13May14 Momma’s pink rose

I love spring! The sounds, smells, and colors, but the pollen, oh please not this year, too.

This spring, we (Daddy and I, Momma can’t do these sort of things anymore, and I’m not supposed to, but I do a little here, a little there, and take a lot of pain medicine) planted seven amethyst (Encore Azaleas) down the road front. And I had two royalties growing in two big planters, we finally put those out. He and Momma bought a red and white original azaleas and we planted those. Then we planted seven junipers in the field, and have ten more on back order.

Daddy moved one of mom’s roses which wasn’t doing well in its spot. And we planted her two more roses that my sister-in-law’s father gave her (one for her birthday, one for mother’s day – he drives a long-haul truck and picked a butt load up in some little town he went through for a $1/each, then he gave them away to everyone when he came through).

We de-weeded our iris patch. Cleaned out from the Knock-Me-Out rose bush, a running rose bush (which I purchased for Mom on the pretext that it WAS NOT a running rose, ha!), and a rose ‘tree’. Now that I think about it, our heathers haven’t come up…oh mercy….

Momma and I de-headed the amaryllis, she can do that, so I let her help me.

I haven’t de-weeded my daylily beds yet. I need a free weekend to do that as I have noticed they are putting on buds and are getting ready to open. I have a couple dozen, all different flavors. They are beautiful. I love my daylilies. I honestly have been in too much pain here lately to even pull weeds with my good arm. I may get my niece to do it. Show her what to pull and let her have a go at it. She’s three, hmmm, I wonder how much damage she’d do if I showed her. Laugh!

Wow, spring hit and we have done a lot of work. I can’t believe we’ve done all of that. Mind you, we didn’t do it all at one time, it was over a period of time, but that’s a lot none-the-less.

Well it’s starting to get hot and I don’t do hot weather well, so I stay in during the heat of the day and enjoy the mornings and nights.

If you haven’t played outside and live down south, you need to get out and get to it because it will be too late in a few weeks.

Get out side, enjoy the smells (take your allergy meds first!), sounds, colors, and meet your neighbor!

Flowers rule….

Good-bye Mr. Moses

Mr. Moses

Mr. Moses

Sometimes you stumble onto people you don’t know but who share the same love of something or someone you do. This happened to me on Facebook. One day I ‘accidentally’ found Gremlin’s Facebook page.

I had just lost my little man and I spotted Gremlin. He lives with his human family and multiple fur-friends. One of the ‘kids’ was Mr. Moses. I don’t know his story, but if I know he was a rescue. Mr. Moses loved to cook with his human mommy. Check out their YouTube channel.

Mr. Moses recently was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on his spine. He wasn’t given very long to live, but he lived longer than the docs gave him, smile. He was a trooper. He fought hard and long to stay with his family here on Earth. You know, the mind is always willing, but sometimes, the body just isn’t able.

Mr. Moses crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last night. I know, without asking, he was at home with his family as he started his journey back to his Creator.

Mr. Moses, I never got to hug you, never got to tell you how much you helped me heal, nor how much I love you, too. Your fan base with miss you terribly!

I told my Samson and Teddy Bear you were coming, so hopefully they found you.

Rock on Mr. Moses…I’ll see you on the other side. Until then….

About Maude

Maude has rejoined her creator. Enjoy Maude! We will all see you soon.

Adventures at Run A Muck Ranch

Maude took her last breath, on our couch, her head resting on my hand, my head resting on hers.

Maude didn’t take a piece of our hearts when she passed, she made them whole in a way we didn’t think possible from her life.   To imply that her passing is a loss completely negates all that she gave to us through the years, during a life we, and no one else, were chosen by the cosmos to share.

My condolences and heartfelt sympathies go out to everyone who never met our Maude.

Maude’s best friend in life was the Joy we know as Stella.  Stella left us too soon, several years ago, from soft tissue carcinoma which metastasized so fast, treatment was futile.

They say all dogs go to heaven.  That wasn’t the case with Stella.  Heaven itself knew it wasn’t good enough for her.  Stella went straight to…

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