Maebelle’s ability to scare the poo out of me

Maebelle is the only child I have left. She is pampered unlike no diva dog I’ve ever met.

Set-up: My momma (she baby sits for me) was outside. She noticed Bella (aka Maebelle) wasn’t outside with her, so she goes inside to find her. When she finds her, she is laying in Teddy’s (go read the Pack page) spot with her back to Momma. Momma called her, she turned around and hopped to her with her back right leg up.

Note: Bella is a bit of a whiney-pants. She’ll hold a paw up in a heart beat to get in someone’s arms. Yes, I’ve spoiled her, she’s mine and I allowed! LOL

Momma’s call to me: Sister something is wrong with Bella’s right leg. She is holding it up. We are on our way to the vet with her. I’m sorry she was in the house and I was outside.

My reply: Momma, you’re not to blame. Maybe she tried to jump on your bed and missed, or fell off of the bed. Do I need to meet you guys at the vet?

Momma: No, I’ll call you and let you know.

So it was a sit and wait game, which I DO NOT do well.

My phone rings, it’s my daddy. I immediately prepare myself for something bad. My daddy never calls!

Daddy: Sister, she’s gonna be okay, here talk with the doctor.

My doctor: She’s okay, nothings broken. She either sprang her leg/ankle, or she was bitten by a wasp or something like that because she had a red streak running up her little ankle. I’ll give her a steroid shot, and send some home with your parents. She should be just fine.

Hmmm, I never trust anyone when they tell me my child will be just fine. Just because she’s the only one left. The rest of the afternoon, a whole hour, the clock crawled around to 5pm.

I drove home as fast as I could, jumped out, and walked in the house and there was bouncing Bella. Jumping, whining, waiting for me to pick her up. If she had been a child, I would’ve spanked her! The nerve! I was so freakin’ worried and there she was doing donuts waiting for me to pick her up.

I picked her up and loved on her. When I put her down, she walked a few paces, turned, looked at me then held up her back leg. I caved, as I always do. I picked her up, carried her around outside for a while, then sat down to knit with her wrapped in her binkie beside me.

Only then I couldn’t concentrate to knit. My brain was in overdrive from my momma’s frantic call to me. I tried watching a bit of tv, nothing. I finally gave up, at the suggestion of a friend whom I was texting. I closed my eyes and the next thing I remember was my head falling forward. It was very early, but I didn’t care, I took the pups out for their nightly constitutionals, and Bella and I went to bed. Sleep was easy to find after I’d spent so my brain energy of the diva!

This morning, she was up, limping a little bit, but no worse for the wear. I told her to stop jumping on beds. She knows better. She has a couch and a recliner to lay on, the beds are off limits. My daddy put up a ‘doggy fence’ to keep her out of their room when they are outside, laugh. I got the feeling Daddy didn’t want another ’emergency’.

I love my Bella and would go to the end of the Earth for her if it meant she’d be well.

All pet owners (and non-pet owners), remember, when  you are away from the house, your inside animals will go where you’ve trained them not to only because they can. If there’s a room/area you don’t want them in, just put up a doggy fence.

LIfe is never dull with Maebelle!

Puppy dog paws!