Good Friday…

so we are off Good Friday, or should it be good Friday? Hmmm, just wondering?

I think I’m gonna sleep late, then after feeding/watering the dogs/chickens, I’m going bike riding – bicycle riding. I sold my motorcycle ’cause I couldn’t ride it anymore, hurt my hips, arms, hands, h*ll I’m just one big pain, with or without the cycle, lol!

I’m gonna observe Good Friday by having a good day (crossing my fingers anyway!).

Anyone one wanna join me, you know how to get in touch with me.

32 hours and counting….


How do you mend a burnt bridge…

when the person on the other end doesn’t want to re-build? This in lays my heartache!

I fear I’m the cause of the hate shown toward my family, and no matter how much I try to show myself to be a friend and how much I tell this person I love them, their hate/dislike/distaste for me and my family is so thick one could cut it with a knife.

How do you mend a burnt bridge?

So it’s been 12 hours…

since the family arrived at the hospital for the birth of my parents first grandchild. And we are still waiting! The baby was originally breech and they were here for a c-section. Well apparently she turned during the night and I’m not sure who decided natural birth was in order, but here we sit, waiting.

Babies have minds of their own, so when she decides to join us, I’ll let everyone know….

Until then, go Lily!