At my feet, Lady Gigi, 5 months later…

At my feet….

Gigi is no longer a ‘baby in need’. She’s now a tortie in her terrible twos, just ask our other animals. She’s so pretty. She has gained weight and is growing so tall. It’s hard to believe she was on the verge of death when she found me.

When the day starts dawning, she’s up and at it. She’s running through the house, jumping on my leg if I don’t get her food fast enough, jumping on the dogs and cats. She’s so happy. I tell others, I can’t correct her because she’s just so happy to be alive!

She runs around herding the dogs into one room. She then sits in the door way to make sure her dogs stay in place. When she’s tired of making the dogs stay, she then goes after the cats. She will run up to them, put her paw up to slap them and the older cats will make all sorts of warning cries. They will turn to run and the race is on. Gigi’s goal, to run them both outside. Once she gets them out, she’ll sit on the other side of the doggie door and slap them every time they stick their head in. (She will also do this with the dogs if she catches one outside.) It’s so funny to watch. Grin. 

Gigi 2

This is what she looks like when she’s keeping her dogs and cats rounded-up. LOL

She usually does her work from 6am – 10am and then again around 4pm-bedtime, usually around 9pm. During her down time, she sleeps on her Pooh Bear binkie I gave her which covers up a soft pillow. Yes, I have her spoiled. 

Gigi 3

How can one be mean to such a sweet face?

She has taken to sleeping against, and sometimes on, my feet. She has literally taken Chuey’s place. She sleeps on me the very same way Samson used to. Her sleeping position is greatly appreciated on my behalf. I still miss my Samson. I don’t guess I will ever stop missing him.

Here’s to my herding, foot warming cat!

Gigi 2017