The olympics are going to kill me….

I’m not used to staying up past 9pm, so staying up late, 10 or 11pm to watch the games is killing me.  I seriously need to be back on my schedule of up at 6:15am, down at 9pm. In all honesty, I know that won’t happen until the games are over.  (Thank God they don’t show the paraolympics, I’d be in serious trouble!)

I have noticed that the judges in certain sports are not very team USA friendly.  They underscore us every chance they can.  I think there needs to be a way by which a computer does the judging based on elements entered into it, especially in diving, gymnastics, trampoline, and the alike.  They changed the way judo was scored because the referees weren’t calling points when contact was made in order to help certain countries score higher.  Competitors wear suits and when contact is made the device is registered on the computer and points are given.  This leaves the humans to only take away points when necessary.

This olympic year, I’ve found myself screaming at the tv (as if they can hear me all the way in London) because they didn’t score us high enough, or they scored another person high and their performance was worse than ours.

I also think China is doping genetically.  There’s no way a female swimmer, who is smaller than Lochte, could ever beat his time, but she did.  Something smells in that genetic pool!

Over all, my favorites have been swimming, gymnastics, cycling, track and field, women’s basketball, and beach volleyball.  I’ve spent every hour I’ve not been at work sitting in front of the tv cheering on team USA, this includes my weekends, too – except for Sunday morning, I go to church, regardless of what’s on tv.

I love most sports, and I’m always happy to see the Olympics come around because that means football isn’t far behind them!!!!!!!!!

Go Team USA!