Good-bye Mr. Moses

Mr. Moses

Mr. Moses

Sometimes you stumble onto people you don’t know but who share the same love of something or someone you do. This happened to me on Facebook. One day I ‘accidentally’ found Gremlin’s Facebook page.

I had just lost my little man and I spotted Gremlin. He lives with his human family and multiple fur-friends. One of the ‘kids’ was Mr. Moses. I don’t know his story, but if I know he was a rescue. Mr. Moses loved to cook with his human mommy. Check out their YouTube channel.

Mr. Moses recently was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on his spine. He wasn’t given very long to live, but he lived longer than the docs gave him, smile. He was a trooper. He fought hard and long to stay with his family here on Earth. You know, the mind is always willing, but sometimes, the body just isn’t able.

Mr. Moses crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last night. I know, without asking, he was at home with his family as he started his journey back to his Creator.

Mr. Moses, I never got to hug you, never got to tell you how much you helped me heal, nor how much I love you, too. Your fan base with miss you terribly!

I told my Samson and Teddy Bear you were coming, so hopefully they found you.

Rock on Mr. Moses…I’ll see you on the other side. Until then….