Lady, my latest muse…

It never ceases to amaze me how the good Lord always knows what you need, when you need it…and in walks Lady.

Well she didn’t really ‘walk’ in. She ran in, and thought the best thing ever was her human allowed her to jump into her arms, wrap her paws around her human’s neck and give wet kisses until she was finished. Then she would run back outside and run back in only to repeat this process, over and over and over, until the human or she was tired and she’d snuggle up to her human and take a nap. The human didn’t seem to mind that she was a 7 month old puppy and weighed almost 50 lbs. She seemed to think “Life is gonna be good with this human”. LOL

Her human is me. I’ve only had her since 2 January (2018) and she has been a handful. This can only mean we’ve had some really good, bad, funny, and ugly months behind us. I promise to tell them one at a time as you will want to hear about her journey.

Stay tuned….