Thanksgiving Week Activities


Momma's Apple Pie

I was off the week of Thanksgiving, so that meant I had a lot of times to get things done. With that said, here’s a day by day of what I did….

Monday, woke up late, 7:30, this was a given for every morning! Fed the chickens, dogs, and me, again, a given for every morning! Mom and I goofed off at the house, did much of nothing, and enjoyed every second of it.

Tuesday, mom and I went grocery shopping, cleaned the house, cleaned my car and my room. After all that, had to take some pain meds…. 😦

Wednesday, cooked and cooked and cooked some more! Then cleaned out both refrigerators, and cleaned up the mess!

Thursday, helped my sister finish up her dishes, then cleaned.

The family joined in Thanksgiving, for all we have, and for those who have (are) sacrificed for us.

Friday, nooooooooo black Friday shopping. I’ll save my money for tomorrow, Small Business Saturday!

Life returns to normal Monday!

I pray you and your family had a wonderful day, and every day to come!