1 Corinthians 15:55

55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

Today, a father and mother mourn the loss of their son; a little brother morns the loss of his older brother; a step-mom mourns the loss of her step-son; a girlfriend morns the loss of her boyfriend, and on and on. His name is Henry! He was only on this Earth for 21 years, but in such a short time he touched so many lives, did so many things, visited so many places, and yesterday, his time on this Earth ended.

I remember him as a little boy. When he and Owen, his brother, would come visit us in our office, with their father. They were, and still are, the cutest little boys. I saw Henry last year and didn’t recognize him, as I only remembered the little boy. Henry had grown into this wonderful man, full of life or as my grandfather would’ve put it, full of piss and vinegar, smile.

He was the same little boy, just taller, his smile was the same, and he was just as friendly, as care-free, as adventurous as he had been as a little boy. He went on one of our study abroad programs and apparently had the entire group of students wrapped around his fingers, as they are all in mourning for  him as well.

In this life, death is certain, it’s how we remember those who we’ve lost that writes their legacy. It’s how well we pick our selves up by the boot-straps and carry on that will write Henry’s life legacy.

We are only on loan from God above. Some will live long lives, others will do what God has required at a very young age and He will come back for them. We just have to always be ready to return to the Father from which we came.

May God give us all peace, comfort, and understanding as we learn to live without the physical presence of Henry; and learn to live with his spiritual presence.

In this life you were loved Henry Mackaman!