Spring sprung…

13May14 Momma's pink rose

13May14 Momma’s pink rose

I love spring! The sounds, smells, and colors, but the pollen, oh please not this year, too.

This spring, we (Daddy and I, Momma can’t do these sort of things anymore, and I’m not supposed to, but I do a little here, a little there, and take a lot of pain medicine) planted seven amethyst (Encore Azaleas) down the road front. And I had two royalties growing in two big planters, we finally put those out. He and Momma bought a red and white original azaleas and we planted those. Then we planted seven junipers in the field, and have ten more on back order.

Daddy moved one of mom’s roses which wasn’t doing well in its spot. And we planted her two more roses that my sister-in-law’s father gave her (one for her birthday, one for mother’s day – he drives a long-haul truck and picked a butt load up in some little town he went through for a $1/each, then he gave them away to everyone when he came through).

We de-weeded our iris patch. Cleaned out from the Knock-Me-Out rose bush, a running rose bush (which I purchased for Mom on the pretext that it WAS NOT a running rose, ha!), and a rose ‘tree’. Now that I think about it, our heathers haven’t come up…oh mercy….

Momma and I de-headed the amaryllis, she can do that, so I let her help me.

I haven’t de-weeded my daylily beds yet. I need a free weekend to do that as I have noticed they are putting on buds and are getting ready to open. I have a couple dozen, all different flavors. They are beautiful. I love my daylilies. I honestly have been in too much pain here lately to even pull weeds with my good arm. I may get my niece to do it. Show her what to pull and let her have a go at it. She’s three, hmmm, I wonder how much damage she’d do if I showed her. Laugh!

Wow, spring hit and we have done a lot of work. I can’t believe we’ve done all of that. Mind you, we didn’t do it all at one time, it was over a period of time, but that’s a lot none-the-less.

Well it’s starting to get hot and I don’t do hot weather well, so I stay in during the heat of the day and enjoy the mornings and nights.

If you haven’t played outside and live down south, you need to get out and get to it because it will be too late in a few weeks.

Get out side, enjoy the smells (take your allergy meds first!), sounds, colors, and meet your neighbor!

Flowers rule….