Remembering The Abbey

by Carlee Lewis 
Earlier this morning in the International Programs office I was glancing through the original Abbey brochure filled with pictures that are o so familiar to those of us who studied there. On the first page is a quote that truly touched me. The quote said, 

“Over there everything is going to be different; 
life is never going to be quite the same again 
after your passport has been stamped.”  

For everyone who has ever studied abroad this statement is certainly true; for it is embedded in our hearts along with the memories that prove this statement to be true. This year celebrates the Abbey’s 10th anniversary. Whether you went in 2002 or 2011, we all share some of the same memories. 
A memory I will never forget is opening my window to the beautiful Abbey Chapel with snow falling from its 12th century Gothic architecture. In my mind I could not believe I was able to see this beautiful chapel every morning from my bedroom window. All of those who went to the Abbey harness shared experiences. Eating lunch and meeting locals at Le Commerce, attempting to speak French to the lady at the Utile (grocery store), seeing the beautiful yellow fields in the Spring time, sitting in the café, absorbing every word Professor Netter spoke, and mailing letters home at the post office are all memories embedded in our souls that have aided us to continue to be adventurous and treasure our time spent in the Loire Valley. Those who went to the Abbey whether they are now 18 or 30 will never forget their precious time in the small town of Pontlevoy. 
Everyone can have this type of adventure. Whether you are interested in England, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Honduras, India, Spain, France, or many more countries you can have an experience that truly will change you once your passport is stamped.