Our camping trip, July 2012


Friday, 13 July 2012


We rolled into our destination (still a secret) only to find our cabin wasn’t ready, so we made a be-line into town to get some site seeing in and to feed our ever-growing hunger.

As per the parents’ suggestion, we stopped and ate at Bubba’s.  Now, with a name like that, you knew one of two things were coming – the food was going to be so good it would warrant a second visit or it would be so bad you would’ve wonder why you listened.  Well it was wonderful! Yep you hear it coming, but we were the only to ladies in the joint, with the exception of the waitress/hostess, and everyone knew we were out of towners because everyone in there knew each other, laugh.  We finished our lunch, Tinker had shrimp (it was around a 2 alarm for me, a 5 for her) and I had frog legs (she had a hard time watching me eat, laugh).  We paid our tab and set out to purchase the necessary camping food – sandwich meat, bread, chips, Go-gurt (I’m so addicted to those things!), cookies, some canned fruit, cereal and milk.


We returned to the campground and were given the green light to ‘move into’ our cabin.  When I drove up, I fell in love.  I’m not sure I would do it justice by trying to put it into words, but let me say with a wrap around porch, rockers situated so you can see out over the lake, and a swing between two trees, one would think they had died and gone to Heaven – this was my version of camping.


We settled in, “watched” the Weather Channel as we were putting things in their proper place.  Tinker settled on the couch, and me into the rocker, then we found us something to watch.  Hmmm, as we are both discovery channel junkies and since we do not have dish/satellite/cable at home, she quickly found it and we spent the next few hours watching it.  Well she watched, and I watched at it as I knitted in the rocker.  Laugh, I felt like an old woman knitting in a rocker while “watching” tv.   You know the kind?


Once it ‘cooled off’ outside, we went for a walk.  The place was loaded with squirrels, one of my favorite critters, and we saw a salamander, a wood-hen, and a black crow which we were convinced had a nest near our cabin because we never saw her leave the area.


We returned to the cabin just in time.  As Tink grabbed a bite to eat, a storm moved in, so I grabbed my camera and headed to the porch.  She went after hers and we took pictures of the clouds rolling in.  My attention span isn’t quiet as long as it used to be with waiting for that perfect picture, so after a few minutes, we went back inside, I made me a sandwich and we vegged out, again.  The rain slowly moved in across the lake and the lightning started, none of the wicked, scary stuff, just the heat lightning, just enough to light up the lake.  One regret, I just wish I were able to afford to purchase gear for my new camera that would allow me to capture those pictures and do them justice.  Without the proper lenses, I didn’t see the need to try to take pictures, so I kept myself parked in the rocker, knitting and watching “Deadliest Catch”.


I washed up what few dishes we had messed up, sweep the floor (which is ceramic – my favorite!), took out the trash, so no ants would find their way into our trash, this is the woods, remember!  Shortly after that, it was off to bed.  I was exhausted, and I lay in bed, tossing and turning, ok, so I couldn’t really toss and turn.  Why?  There’s a second floor to this cabin, yes, a second floor with two more beds!  The bottom floor bedroom has two queen beds, so I decided Tinker and I would share that room (because I don’t want her on the second floor as I couldn’t get to her incase of an emergency).


Now, I’m the biggest insomniac alive, at least in my option, so after laying there and unable to properly toss and turn, I got up after about 2 ½ hours, thus the description of the days events, laugh.


I think I’ll keep this up and post it to my blog when we return to civilization because at the moment (2am on Saturday morning), all I hear is the chorus of the crickets and the occasional frog who chimes in, as I watch the wind blow through the trees.


There are two types of people in this world – those who love nature and those who don’t.  Give me nature and all of her glory….  With that said, I have two options, grab my knitting project or return to bed for another round of tossing and turning, the silent version, laugh.  I’m sure neither choice matters, as I’m on vacation and if I don’t get any sleep ‘tonight’ no harm, no foul, as I don’t have to worry about taking care of any animals, so when I do fall asleep, I can stay there as long as my body needs. Until ‘tomorrow’….


Saturday, 14 July 2012


Tinker wasn’t on vacation time, she was up at the crack of dawn, and as I didn’t get to sleep until about 4am, I slept ‘til 7am.  We had breakfast, cereal, and I had a cup of coffee and we headed out for a ‘drive a bout’.  It’s like a ‘walk a bout’, except in a car, laugh.  We took pictures of whatever caught our eyes, and just as we made it back to the cabin, it started to rain.


After lunch, Tinker spotted a wood-hen playing outside our cabin, so I gave her my camera to go play.  I watched as she chased that wood-hen from one end of the porch to the other, and I was laughing my butt off, so I walked out and offered my help.  She handed me the camera and experience ruled out over her excitement to capture a picture of the bird.


We spent the rest of the day inside due to the rain, but neither of us complained.  We were watching tv, I was knitting, and she was napping, so all was well.  We were camping!


As we were getting ready for bed, I made the statement that I hoped I could sleep and a light bulb went off.  I looked at Tinker and started laughing, she asked what was so funny, and I said, “remember that 8 o’clock coffee I made at 4pm yesterday as the rain was falling?” and she just looked at me and started laughing.  The coffee had kept me up the night before, it wasn’t the insomnia, it was the 100% Colombian Arabica beans, duh!!!


Off to bed, hope it really was the coffee, not the insomnia….



Sunday, 15 July 2012


When my head it the pillow last night, I was out!  Apparently, I was so out that my snoring kept Tinker awake, grin.  She kept waking me up telling me to turn over, laugh.  I only heard her once, I was even more exhausted than I thought, laugh.


I was sleeping so good, then I hear, “get up, we don’t have any electricity.”  I think I’m dreaming and I roll over to see Tinker standing at the foot of my bed, and sure enough, no electricity.  No electricity is a sure fire way to run off all campers in the park, and just let me say, it was packed.


Tinker gets dressed, drives up to the entrance to find out the entire park is out of electricity.  She returns and pulls out this tiny flashlight and says, “I’m going to get a shower.”  A tiny flashlight, laugh, now just let me insert here that this flashlight had saved our life the first night there, so I was grateful for the tiny flashlight.  She placed it on the toilet seat, and took a shower.  I decided we weren’t staying if we didn’t have a/c, so I went and took the sheets off the beds and started packing up.  I loaded the car up with most of our stuff, then took me a shower and just as we were getting ready to unpack the frig, it, the frig, came back on.  Mind you the lights were still off, the tv was still out, and no a/c, which meant the park generator had been turned on to keep people from losing their food.


We finished packing the car, and headed to town for breakfast.  We ate, and headed back home.


Our camping trip had been cut short due to no electricity in the park.




Monday, 16 July 2012


I felt so good to be back in my bed, and to be back with my pack.  I missed them while I was gone and they missed me.


So begins all the unpacking and the laundry…today will be a long day of cleaning, but boy was it worth it!


I can’t wait to go back!