This past weekend…

Ok, so I should’ve known the weekend was going to go from bad to worse after getting my trigger point injections Wednesday. By Friday evening it was clear something wasn’t right about the injections, and my weekend was going to be miserable, to say the least.

Sure enough, I crashed on the couch when I made it home Friday, and pretty much cried every time I thought about my arm. It was hurting, the feeling wasn’t 100% and I was scared – scared being an extreme understatement. When it wasn’t any better Saturday morning, my sister had a look-see. She was convinced I was having an allergic reaction to the base. It didn’t take much for her to get me to take a few Benadryl. Usually those things don’t knock me out, but as I had not slept Friday night, I was sawing logs within a few hours of taking them. Upon waking, I could feel my arm, and it felt like I was touching the bone every time I touched it, but I could feel it, a good step forward. I kept a long sleeve on all day – this was heartbreaking because a cool front had come through and it was so very nice outside, and I couldn’t enjoy it. As the day wore on, I could tell the Benadryl was working, but my arm and hand was still swollen, cold and painful to the touch, even with the long sleeve (and fingerless gloves) on.

I slept in the same long sleeve and fingerless glove Saturday night, mainly because I couldn’t get my arm up to change clothes. Nasty, I know, but when you’re in pain, smelling good before you crawl into bed doesn’t take priority.

Sunday morning, I rolled over and realized the arm wasn’t hurting so freakin’ bad. I could touch it, lightly, and not scream, a definite plus. I went to get up out of bed and almost hit the floor! My left ankle felt like I had sprung it during the night. I’m not sure how this is possible because I don’t remember getting up and doing it, so I’m not sure if I just slept with my foot in a funny position all night, or if Bella, my Chihuahua, managed to twist it for me because I wouldn’t be still and let her sleep.

Needless to say, Sunday morning I was off to church, then found my way back to my trusty couch and drifted in and out of sleep as my arm would throb and my ankle would shoot pains up my leg ever so often and suddenly wake me up.

I did manage to do laundry, one arm style, between naps.

I’ll be so happy with this weekend rolls around, maybe I get a real one, with no pain! (One can only hope and pray!)