Cabin reserved…

thanks to my baby sister!

We are going to take a mini-vacation this summer.  Sorry, can’t tell you where nor when, don’t want to deal with any crazies…sorry.

I can tell you it will be days with no dogs, chickens, cats, phone, nor people to interrupt my already planned out schedule, see below.

Yoga, eat, biking, photographing, knitting/crocheting, reading, watching some satellite tv, more yoga, sleeping…repeat daily….  Sounds like the life of a superstar, so I’m pretending to be a superstar for a few days, although I have no one to cook/clean for me, but I think I can manage that without any problems.

I should be released from the doctor by then, so maybe I can get in a few mini-jogs, as I’m still afraid to run.  I’ll take my camera (which is huge) and that will force me to walk/jog and guarantee I get in some nature photos.

I’m super-uber excited!!!!!!!!



20 May 2011 – Bike to work Hattieburg

Well as I live in Sumrall, the title should be Bike to work Pinebelt! But oh well, I’ll be biking to work on the 20th. Remember, say a prayer for me. I haven’t ridden my bike in a long time – no time to ride! Or should I say, I don’t tell people no; therefore, I have no time to ride.

Maybe I’ll ride my bike all week, weather and body permitting!

Whoop! Whoop!