Gun metal, steel blue…

Ok, so we went to see my sister and brother-in-law on the coast Saturday and as per usual, we had to stop and visit the restroom and get gas.

As everyone was inside the gas station, I noticed a blue pitbull in the cab of a truck.  He was gorgeous to say the least.  And huge!  I wanted to pet him so badly, but the windows were up and I know dogs and I know how territorial they can be, so I stayed at our truck.

As the pit’s daddy started to drive off, they were driving right in front of us, and I was just staring.  All the sudden, the man stopped, and said, “I know you’re not staring at me, so you must be staring at him?” and laughed.  While I really hadn’t noticed the man, I did when he spoke, and he wasn’t bad on the eyes, but I didn’t say that…laugh.

I told him his dog was beautiful.  As I was about to ask if I could pet him, “Blue” comes across his daddy with a mission, I asked if he would bite (as I ask with ALL dogs) and he started laughing and said no.  The next thing I know, Blue has his front paws, and one back paw on the door and is licking me all over the face.  All I could do was laugh.  His owner told him to tell me he loved me and as dogs howl, this “I love you” howl was spot on.  He told me he loved me 4 or 5 times.  As he was licking, he would just whine, like he hadn’t seen another human in years.

His daddy told me he was 5 years old, and had always been that sweet to everything and everyone.  Blue was so clean.  He had no smell what so ever and aside from the shedding (as it’s that time of year), he was one of the best kept dogs I’ve ever seen.

I tried to find a picture online to do him justice, but none of them were smiling, and none of them were without a collar, and none of them were as big as Blue.  He had white on his face and a white tuxedo chest and belly.

I just wanted to take him home with me!  And I get the feeling he would’ve went, laugh.

Not all pits are mean, not all dogs are aggressive, only the ones us humans make that way are dangerous.

Blue rules!

Here’s about as close of a picture as I could find, and I’d add about 20-30 lbs and take off the collar of this little dude….