Samson’s Christmas Story

My Samson always loved Christmas. No, let me correct that, he loved anything that was new on the floor. One Christmas we had put most of our gifts under the tree. Well, I made the mistake of putting his and his sister’s under the tree. He smelled around, we run him away, and all seemed well.

Fast forward, we all went out to have dinner. We left the lights on the tree because it was in the window and we wanted sight-seers to see it. And we weren’t going to be gone long so, no harm, no foul. Until…

We returned from dinner and noticed the tree looked lop-sided. My immediate reaction was “I’m going to kill Samson!” because I knew he’d done something. Sure enough, we all walk in the dining room, there he was, on the floor with all of his, his sisters’ and all of MY gifts. He was having a high-ho time with all that wrapping paper, after all, that’s the only thing he wanted. I know he couldn’t read, so how in the world did he figure out to open only those?!

Everyone started laughing but me, of course. I grabbed him, told him how he was such a bad boy, he growled at me and then we had a come to Jesus meetin’! Needless to say, I picked up all of their gifts and told everyone to leave my gifts unwrapped ’cause he would just open them again. I made him pick up all of the wrapping paper, which was right up his alley. He picked it up and ran as I gave chase through the house.

The knuckle head loved to help everyone open gifts because he knew he would get the paper to play with. This time it resulted in unwrapping with no supervision. I tried to explain to him this wasn’t acceptable, but he never got it.

From that day, ’til the day he died, all presents were put on a table beside the tree because of his desire to unwrap and play with the paper. Oh and we had to stop putting ornaments where he could reach them, he’d jump up and pull them off the try and run like hell. This WAS NOT acceptable due to the glass, so he managed to get a few scoldings, then I just moved them up, lights and all.

Now what I wouldn’t do to have him to chase after….


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