Adventure #1

I had been married less than a year when I picked Samson up at 6 weeks. He was 1 lb and 8 oz.

He was one of four boys born via c-section to Lady Rose, a 4 lb Chihuahua. How she managed to carry four of those little rats is beyond me, but she did. Her human mommy had to take all four of the boys off of her at four weeks as they were killing her. Their human grandmother bottle fed them until she could get them to eat unseasoned, cooked hamburger meat. As one could imagine, it didn’t take long for them to develop a desire for food instead of milk.

Once they were all eating good, their grandmommy started finding them forever homes. My best friend called and said Lady Rose’s puppies were ready, would I like one. I told her yes, I’d see her after work. I couldn’t wait for 5pm. I drove as fast as I could back to my home town, drove up in Lady Rose’s humans yard and jumped out of the car. I was so excited.

I knocked on the door and heard Lady Rose sound off. She was vicious, laugh, with her licking! There, on the floor, in the middle of the living room were three of the tiniest, little puppies I’d ever seen. My best friend had claimed one and there were two left. I asked her the name of the puppy who was already gone, “Bubba” she said. I asked her what she had named her baby “Hercules” she replied. I looked at my little man and said “Well they all have big names, so you get one, too. Samson, I’ll call him Samson.” And he looked up at me and that was it. Settled, just like that. A 1 lb, 8 oz Chihuahua named Samson.

His grandmommy showed me how to fix his food, what to do in case his sugar bottomed out, that’s common among Chihuahuas, and gave me a little box with a towel from his mommy’s bed and his sock they used as a play toy so it wouldn’t pull out his teeth. I gave her a hug, thanked her and drove down to my parents (who didn’t live far).

My parents weren’t home, but my brother and sister were, so I took the box in and said look what I just picked up. I set the box on its side and called for Samson. Nothing. I called again. Nothing. I reached in to take him out and he growled at me (laughing). My sister said “What in God’s name do you have in that box?” I finally tipped the box up and Samson slid out, laughing! Both of them started laughing and he started barking and ran straight to me. I picked him up and let him snuggle a few seconds, then put him back down. They would be part of his family too, so he had to get used to them.

(4 March 2014 – stay tuned)


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