Gertie, Recently

Calling all dog lovers/owners, we have a senior dog who needs to find her fur-ever home. She needs to be the only dog. She isn’t aggressive, she just doesn’t seem to fit into ‘packs’. She’s a loner, so all you loners out there, give Gertie a look-see and let’s give her the love she obviously didn’t get before arriving at Run A Muck Ranch.

Adventures at Run A Muck Ranch

Yup, Gertie is still here.

The few people who called on the fliers I posted didn’t read them very well, and discussion of Gert’s age was the deal breaker for some.  Those who weren’t concerned about her age didn’t read the part about her being a house dog.  That the interested parties intended to keep Gertie outside was a deal breaker for me.

Sweet Gertie, still sporting the bad haircut.  Sweet Gertie, still sporting the bad haircut.

A rescue did eventually list Gertie on their web site, but her bio was cut off mid sentence.  Hey, she’s listed though!

A no-kill shelter offered to take her but we declined.   An old lady needs to be in a home, not a kennel.

A foster offer also eventually came up, but by that time it had been almost 2 months and Gertie had settled in.  A month earlier, we would have jumped at the chance.  But by the…

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