Cooper, 22 February 2014.

Cooper, 22 February 2014.

Update: 27 February 2014

Cooper passed all the vet happenings with flying colors. He’s 12 weeks old. However, failed the most important test. He has been chasing my parents cats and not allowing them in. I surrendered him yesterday morning, paid his adoption fee, so who ever sees him will be able to adopt without fees.

I needed to be home in order to teach him not to mess with the cats and was unable to do that with a full-time job, so….

He’ll be fine. I’ve done my job as a rescue mom, now he will get his forever home.

I hope he always remembers who rescued him and loved him first, smile.

Tally-ho Coop!

25 February 2014

This little boy was thrown on the side of the road with another sibling and some teenage girls picked the two up. They managed to give one away, but had no luck with this little man. I knew he needed better care, so Friday on my way home, I stopped, asked if I could have him and off we went.

Cooper, 22 February 2014.

Cooper, 22 February 2014.

He is all bones, see his pictures? His belly started pooching yesterday, but he’s severely malnourished. He has a vet appt tomorrow to start his shots/worming, have him chipped, and find out about how old he is. He looks like a Rotty/Lab mix.

I named him Cooper, don’t ask me why. I just looked at him and said, “You look like a Cooper.” He wagged his tail and that was it. He has been abused both physically and mentally, yet, he is so trusting. We may not end up being his forever home, but while I have him in my care, he will get all the fixing of a forever home, smile. He will get to stay if he doesn’t start jumping up on anyone. I can’t take the chance of him knocking my mother down with the shape she’s in. So please pray, he will make my job easy, as I start his training today. I can’t use food as a motivator because he gobbles it up.

He gets two feedings three times a day with an hour in between feedings – breakfast, 6 and 7; lunch 12 and 1; and dinner 6 and 7. This weekend I’ll get him a bowl which will stop the gobbling which will help me use food to train him. Either way, he’ll make someone a good pup.

You can talk to him and he just talks back. He’s full of love, just full of love, even after being treated like crap.

(Sorry the pix are bad, but he just wouldn’t hold still for a good one.)


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