Feeding Rituals

Ok, every morning I get up, let the pack out and ready their food. Everyone comes and eats with no problem except – you knew it was coming – Maebelle. Miss ‘I wanna be a princess’ will not eat. Thus begins the ritual.

I put the food in my hand and offer it to her. Nothing. I put some in her mouth thinking it will stimulate the hunger senses. Nothing. It’s at this point I have to take a very deep breath because I’m not a patient person especially in the morning. After that very deep breath, and usually a prayer, begins the force feeding.

It goes like this…I open her mouth with my left hand put the food that’s in my right hand in her back right jaw. She spits it out on me. We resume this shove in, spit out dance until she finally decides she’s had enough and she eats.

The dinner feeding is different. She gets Royal Canine for Chihuahuas – remember, she’s a wannabe princess. I put her food on her binkie, then I act like I’m going to get it. I play hand monster. I play chase with her woogie. This usually nets me nothing. She may eat a few bites or she may not eat at all.

Now, if she were any other dog, we’d be sitting in my vets office trying to diagnosis the problem. Miss Princess is only holding out for, you guessed it, people food. NEGATORY. She doesn’t get it! She wants meat and biscuits. I tell her if it makes mommy fat, I’m sure not giving it to her. Now I’m sure she doesn’t understand my reasoning, but I try not to feel too badly for her. I leave dry Beneful Incredibites down for them during the day, so she has food at the ready.

She doesn’t have weight issues. She maintains her weight, unlike her Mommy, so I figure she’s watching her Chihuahua figure, again, unlike her Mommy.

The next Chichi will not be hand fed at any point least he/she decide eating from my hand is better than their plate. I don’t care how cute it is, it teaches them one thing, I’m a big push over.

They train me instead of me training them!

Note to self: remember to read this again when you reach down to hand feed the next one.

May your pups leave puppy dog trails in your heart….


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