It worked…

Dewy came in before the sun went down yesterday and when she did, bam, we shut the doggy door and just like that, the squirrel thief was stopped!!!!!!!!!!

For now, we’ve stopped Dewy from killing more baby squirrels. She’s smart, she’ll figure out we put the door down after she comes in and she’ll start delaying her house entry. The rat sleeps all day and wants to kill baby squirrels all night.

The dogs didn’t like it at all, but we took turns taking them outside to bark at all the bears running around after dark. (Note: we have no bears running around in our yard at all because it’s fenced in. However, Bubbles would tend to disagree with me.)

Now I’m aware of how prides work. We’ve always had at least one cat on the place at all times; otherwise, the mice and rats move in. Hmmm, at one time we had so many cats, daddy went crazy and picked them all off but the mother and father. Stop crying…they really had to be thinned out and (1) daddy didn’t want to surrender them and them be put to sleep later because no one wanted them, (2) they had started breeding within their own bloodline so they were starting to develop issues, and (3) we managed to hide one or two of them so he didn’t thin ALL of them out, smile. Now, as adults, we are able to afford to have everything we keep, spayed or neutered, thank God! Back to the pride, I know they sleep during the day and hunt at night, but this isn’t the Serengeti in Tanzania, Africa. This is Mississippi, and we feed our animals, contrary to popular belief (I’ll address those one day, too.)

Our daddy is so soft now that he can’t shoot something unless it’s for food or to end suffering. Now, when people throw out their dogs at the creek (we live in the woods and people dump dogs and cats all the time), he will let us coach them in the fence, feed them and my sister and I take them to the pound. They hate to see us coming. I can’t shoot anything, unless it’s for food or with a camera, and if it’s for food, I have to absolutely not have any money whatsoever to feed myself (which just doesn’t happen). If a stray gets hit (people think our road is the Indianapolis 500), I scoop them up and off to my vet we go. Usually, it’s too bad to fix, otherwise, I sell my soul to get them back on their feet and to the pound. It sounds like I should start a fund to help dumped dogs, smile. As long as the good Lord blesses me with the means to take care of animals, I’ll return the favor by seeing to His creatures.

I won’t get started on my soap box, yet. I just wanted to say, Dewy has been stopped for now. I feel like she’s in her terrible twos right now. Peek did the same thing with a den of baby rabbits one year. Apparently, one of our local rabbits thought our yard was perfect for her and her babies, apparently, she didn’t realize the cat was there. Peek cleaned out a whole den, before we realized the rabbit was in our yard. Teddy Bear found what was left of them (about 2) for us. I let him smell the baby she left on the porch, dead!, and asked him to find them. He started smelling the ground and in seconds was standing, looking down, wagging his nubb (he has no tail). All he ever wanted to be was a momma. Boy do I have Teddy stories! We locked Peek in for a week until the babies could get up big enough to get away with their mom. Geez, these cats are going to be the death of me!

Please remember to spay and neuter your animals. And if you can’t feed them, don’t get them. And if you get them then decide you don’t want them or can’t feed them, don’t dump them, take them to your local pound or euthanize them yourself. Pet owners make a lifetime commitment when they decide to get an animal. It’s not fair for the animal to suffer for your lack of knowledge or means by which to care for them. I see it everyday. It’s saddening, infuriating, and maddening when I have to do someone else job as a pet owner.

Dog rule and cats drool! Laugh.


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