Dew Drop is in trouble

Dew Drop brought in a baby squirrel Saturday night and we run her out of the house. I would’ve risked hands and arms to save him/her, but it was already gone.

Last night, she did it again, a baby squirrel about the same size. She’s wiped out an entire generation this year in two nights. We are upset with her and she’ll not be going out after dark, sorry. It would be different if she wasn’t fed, but she’s fat as a (pick your own word) and she goes out and gets our squirrels??!! NEGATIVE!

We feed those squirrels all year long. We protect them from Peek-a-boo (the other cat) all year long, now Dewy has found them, and apparently REALLY loves them.

She’s raiding the nest at night, the thief!!!!!!

Oh and this morning, I opened the door to let the dogs out (hahaha, the song, you get it) and there was Peek with a female cardinal in her mouth. Geez, what is the problem???????!!!!!!!

This is why I LOVE my dogs and have to tolerate the cats. My dogs don’t kill things for sport, heck they don’t kill things period.

I have to find a way to stop her from getting them at night. She can’t catch them during the day because the mother protects the nest with more spirit than humans protect their children with, but at night she sneaks in…oh, Lord have mercy on her!!!!


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