Crying fit

Monday started off as any ole day. However, the end was unforeseeable. It started as any evening would with me looking for Teddy Bear to give him his meds. You see Teddy is dying. He was diagnosed with lymphoma this past February. He’s losing his hearing, his appetite is something to be reckoned with, and his hair is falling out. I found him in the kitchen in front of one of our cabinets. I set down on the floor, touched his head, and normally he looks up, licks his lips, and readies himself for the pill onslaught. This time, nothing, no movement, no licking his lips, absolutely nothing! I panicked, yelled for my momma, turned on the light so I could see, and fell to the floor. I hit him in the chest hard enough to brake a rib, but it worked. He took a deep breath, slowly opened his eyes, looked at me and when he licked his mouth his tongue was blue/purple. I picked his head up, made him move it and once his tongue started to return to half way normal, I gave him his meds, hit the shower, and had a crying fit, it was just shy of a mental brake down. I couldn’t stop crying. Cried myself to sleep, went to work Tuesday with red, swollen eyes.

Tuesday wasn’t extraordinary. I got a picture of the elusive Bubbles (see pack page). I walked 20 mins on the treadmill @ 2.3 mph for .758 miles. My shoulder and arm started hurting. I know, I need to slow down. Laugh. Teddy did well, I called and checked up on him at lunch, and was reluctant to give him his meds that afternoon. Maybe I bought him another few months.

Wednesday, just an ordinary day. I sat outside in the evening breeze and knitted until the mosquitos started to feast on me, at which time, I retreated into the house. I finished another tier of knitting while watching PBS. If I didn’t count the hurting body caused by the cool weather, I’d say it was a good day.

Thursday was like Tuesday, except I walked .770 miles, woohoo. Pain started around the same time. I had lunch at the BSU (Baptist Student Union) and was blessed to hear the words of a pastor and his wife. No I’m not Baptist, but when I need feeding God slides the appropriate person and message right in, and Melissa eats her fill. The BSU are good, Godly people. I’m proud to be allowed to sit and fellowship with them. It comforts my soul.

Friday, drama on one of the side roads, but since I’m not sure what happened, I’ll not name the road, nor people involved. I only mention it because I’m sure all involved need prayer. This happened twice yesterday. Once while on my way to work and second when I made it home. One thing has stuck with me since learning about it in the news, Adrian Petterson’s 2 year old son, killed by the mother’s boyfriend. This boyfriend had a history of abuse on women and their children. Why? Why? Do these women put their wants and desires before their children? She should’ve known all about this man prior to starting a relationship with someone like him. I keep reminding myself that Heaven now has another Angel. No more pain and suffering. No more abuse. No more careless parenting. He’s with Jesus and is in a safe, protected, loving place.

I pray you have a blessed weekend. Nice weather means outside time, so I’m out of here.

Vaya con Dios!


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