Will wonders never cease….

I have taught my little sister to knit!

She has been on the refusal train for WAY to long, and the knitting store, The Yarn Basket, is having a KNIT PINK day in October.  My family is big into breast cancer awareness and she wanted to knit or crochet squares with everyone else, so I started out trying to teach her to crochet.

God love her, her little hands didn’t have the strength required to pull the yarn through, and she kept dropping the needle, so I let her cool down (she’s a hot head, grin), and a few days later I offered to teach her to knit.

She accepted and off we went.  I’ve had to pull out a few of her rows, but she’s getting it, and while the knitting does bother her hands, it’s not as bad as the crocheting.

I think after she makes the squares for the KNIT PINK day, she will lay down her (my) needles, laugh.

Never let it be said I wasn’t able to teach someone to cast on, knit, and purl (we haven’t gotten to the bind off part yet, laugh).

Until next time…happy yarning!


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