We all have one, don’t we?

Is it just me and my family, or do other families have that certain person who always knows how to thrust in the knife and twist?

This is the first 4 of July we haven’t had a certain family member with us because the other half is upset and pouting about something that wasn’t under anyone’s control. Not only that, when my mother sent me to town to purchase food items (from my pocket) to prepare them dinner for a special occasion the other half suddenly was ill and didn’t feel like coming up.  Then yesterday, we were all over at this person’s house, this person never came out to say hey, how you doing, kill my @ss, nothing, but the minute the baby is taken back inside, oh, it’s bath time, never mind we haven’t seen the baby in almost a week.

The better half in the relationship doesn’t have the guts to stop the other half from treating us this way and, you know, it’s getting old quick.  I will get my turn to tell this other half how badly we are being treated, but not before I tell the better half.

If it wasn’t for the baby, I would’ve told the other half long ago, but I’m trying hard to keep the peace and let God do His thing, but I’m tired of waiting and me and my family being treated like sh*t, especially when we’d lay our lives down for all four of them if that’s what it took!

And life goes on….


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