Never in a million years…

did I think my Samson would ever learn to trust a child again.

Sam learned to distrust children at a very young age and has even snapped at a few children since.  There’s no need to re-hash the reason, suffice it to say my ex-husband let his grandchildren treat Sam any way they wanted to (when I wasn’t around), thus scarring him for life – or so I thought.

Enter Lily, my 14 month old niece.  Sam did not like her when she was crawling and would growl and run from her.  We had to keep a constant eye on him.  Now Lily is walking and we have taught her how to feed the dogs (open handed so they don’t bite her fingers) and Sam seems to be the one who is now trusting a child again.  He follows her everywhere in hopes of food as she is ALWAYS eating, laugh.  Sam has learned she will feed him and he, at 11 years old, has learned to trust again.  He will let her touch his tail, his back, and I stop it there.  I still don’t want to take the chance of him of him having an off day and bite her, for he is unpredictable in his old age.

Now if my ‘son’ can learn to trust children again after being abused, why can’t I learn to trust men again?  What is my major malfunction?

In deep thought….


3 thoughts on “Never in a million years…

  1. Got to watch a dog like that, make sure it does not develop envy of your child and attack the child when your back is turned.

    • I certainly agree, but lucky for him (and me), I’m always there when she’s at my house and I never turn my back on him. I don’t think he could do much damage physically since he is missing some front teeth and has a hard time doing anything without stopping (he’s been dubbed “the ancient one” around the house), but he could traumatize her and I don’t want that to happen. Besides, give her a few more months and a chihuahua bite won’t phase her, laugh.

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