“Grace for the Good Girl” part 2

Ok, so chapters 4, 5 and 6 are finished…and below are the responses I posted to our group.

Again, I add, please no judging, or calling the cops; otherwise, I’ll keep the responses on the closed group. I hope my responses will help someone who comes across my blog and reads it and knows they are not alone in their feelings.

There were 3 questions asked, but I only answered the first two because I didn’t feel a response for the third question, yet I’m listing it and leaving it blank.  Maybe someone will see it, and find they need to find their answer to the question.  Again, these are my responses, what would your response be – after reading the book of course?

‎1. What is your main reason for hiding behind your fake fine? Is it because you are afraid (what will they think of me!), lazy (it takes too much work and I need a nap and a bowl of ice cream), or something else?

Response: I hide behind my fake fine because I don’t want people to think I’m mental and need to be committed, smile. It’s the truth though. People really don’t want to know what I’m thinking or feeling, at least those I work with and know. Now there are a few people I can trust with my thoughts, but in the back of my head that little voice is always saying be careful, don’t tell too much. I hate that little voice. Sometimes I want to get on the tallest building I can find, and get the strongest PA system I can find and with a microphone tell the world what is going on in my head. I want to know I’m not alone in my thoughts. I want people to sincerely listen, to sincerely care, and not be complacent with a fake fine from me. (Wow that took a lot of energy to write, laugh.)

2. In what ways do you resonate with Martha’s good girl ways?

Response: I’m all about getting things done that I don’t stop long enough to smell the roses and Jesus was the rose in the room and Martha just kept right on working on the physical things in her surroundings, never once stopping to take into account the spiritual being sitting in her living room! Most of the time, I’m too busy with other things to stop and realize I need that spiritual touch from God. When I do stop, it’s usually way past time and I feel so guilty that I don’t feel like I deserve anything He’s giving/offering me.

‎3. Has your idea of the spiritual disciplines and the purpose of the law shifted in reading chapter six? If so, in what ways?

I may return to expound on these responses, but for now this is where I am….

In prayer….


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