My birthday party

My sister begged me to let her throw me a birthday party. Mind you I’m not the socializing kind. We had all my immediate family, an adopted sister, and Barbara and Lexee, now graphed in as family.

We all gathered at Mack’s on the River, I had my own princess hat I wore all evening, and ate more than was allowed by law, I’m sure. Then we had cupcakes my sister made for me, and we opened gifts.

Now none of this was embarassing until the staff headed our way singing. I could’ve crawled under the table. At least my sister had mercy and didn’t tell them my age.

I missed those whom we had invited but were unable to join us, for whatever reason. I really missed my ISSS ladies. They are more like family than co-workers.

This was my first birthday party EVER and my baby sister did pretty good!

I’ll post pix later, as I have to wait for everyone to send me theirs because I didn’t take any pix, I was too busy socializing! Lol.



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