“Grace for the Good Girl” part 1

Ok, so as if I have nothing on my plate, I joined a ‘book club’ and we are reading Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman.

We are ‘assigned’ chapters to read and meditate on and then we meet up on a closed group on FB and discuss the book.  Emily is doing the leading in the online group discussion, so we have someone keep us on track.  The book club for this book will last 8 weeks, beginning today, as we ‘meet’ every Thursday.

I will not give away anything in the book, only to say every woman needs to read it.  I downloaded it on my Kindle and have been glued to it, trying hard not to get ahead of the group.

I will tell you one thing, it’s hard reading the words on the page and knowing God is pointing His graceful finger along the way.

I will blog about it after our ‘meeting’ and do my best to reflect without giving anything away, see above statement.

For now, let’s just say, I’m trying to come out of hiding, trying to find those different masks of life I wear and take them off, so the world knows me as God knows me.

In prayer….


One thought on ““Grace for the Good Girl” part 1

  1. Here was my response to our first meeting on facebook. Remember, this group is help those of us participating work through our ‘good-girl’ issues. Please no judging, or calling the cops; otherwise, I’ll keep the responses on the closed group. I hope my responses will help someone who comes across my blog and reads it and knows they are not alone in their feelings.

    “Just let me say, I’m glad this is a ‘closed’ group because I’m afraid anything I write ‘out loud’ will be used against me. I was raised in strict fear of the Lord, grew up in church, was a faithful member, then at 20 decided I couldn’t handle the pressures of being a christian (oh was I so nieve!). I changed ‘faiths’ and thought that would help, nope God found me there and followed me for years,”asking me why I was hiding”. Then, 9 years later I returned ‘to the fold’ and it has been harder the second time around. Still, 11 years later I find myself feeling unworthy of a second chance, find it harder to prove myself (to whom I don’t know! me maybe), and when I drop the ball, I drop it on my toe, smile. I stumbled upon this group/book, but I know God has something wonderful for me being part of this, as well as on the pages of this book. I pray He helps me to keep an open mind, open heart and shows me how to stop judging myself and to putting unreal expectations up just to fail. Thank you all for listening.”

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