Jude 1:1-7

I have finally figured it out! Smile, and I’m so ‘proud’ of myself.  

In church yesterday, the pastor, who happens to be my father, was teaching out of Jude and the thought for the sermon was “…put you in remembrance”.  The lesson was out of Jude 1:3 specifically, on “common salvation”.

Now, I don’t talk to my parents about every battle raging inside me, contrary to popular belief, but my Heavenly Father always knows, and He always gets me in church, laugh.

I’ve been struggling with friend issues.  When I was out and about the world, I had ‘friends’ galore!  Since I’ve changed my ways those same ‘friends’ no longer care to have me around.  Usually this wouldn’t bother me as I’m not usually a social animal, but for some reason, here lately, it has been getting to be badly.  I think it’s because I’m turning 40 and I have no husband, no children, and I depended on my ‘friends’ to be there for me, but alas, no.  I’m learning, this late in life, your friends are only your friends when you are doing what they want.  

They do not want me to go eat with them because I no longer drink.  They don’t invite me over because I don’t drink.  They don’t…I could go on, but it’s not worth it.

After Sunday’s lesson, I finally understand why.  They don’t want me around because I ‘put them in remembrance” of what they should be doing for the Kingdom of God. I let my light shine for Christ and they don’t want any part of Him, yet!  They want the world and all it offers, and only run to Jesus (or call on Him) when they get in trouble.

They remind me of a child with a new toy.  They play with it for a few minutes then throw it aside and go back and get it when they want.  One day they are going to call on Jesus and He is going to turn a deaf ear to them. You don’t believe me, read your Bible, I’m not telling you where to find it! 

I do have good Christian friends, but when you ‘lose’ friends because of your change of lifestyle, it hurts. I don’t know if it shouldn’t, but I’m soft hearted, and it does hurt me.

The hurt will go away, after a while; and my desire to still be a part of them will fade with time, I suppose; but I will always care for them, as Jesus cares for me.  And I will go to them in their time of need, as Jesus does for me, but one day, they will call and neither I nor Jesus will be there for we will be about our Father’s business.



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