It’s been a while…

I’m a writer deep within my soul, always have been.  However, I’ve learned that my words are used against me, especially when that is my only way of expressing myself.  It’s sad when you can’t write without worrying about being politically correct, or being fired, or being targeted.

We truly have lost our freedom of speech.  Words are meant to gain attention, and the true writers don’t ‘act’ on their words.  They just want others to know how they are feeling, how they are hurting, and to understand them, as we all know life goes on.

I suppose I’ll have to find another means of writing so as not to be politically incorrect, get myself fired, or be targeted by those who would disagree with my words and act on that.

Disagree with me, start up a discussion, but don’t treat me like I’m different.  I’m not, I just choose to voice my opinion!



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