"Intense" bow pose…

Last night, I forewent the 1st ever Hattiesburg Mardi Gras parade to join the other yoga faithfuls in our quest for backbends this month.

As we started practice, all seemed to go smoothly, then Tammy decided to show us a few different ‘ways’ to do bow pose.  One, with the thighs on the ground, heart lifted high; and second, with the legs lifted high and the heart of the ground.

Well after she demonstrated this, I gave her another one of my “have you lost it” looks and she walked over and I said “I can’t do that!” (I know, I said I wasn’t going to say that in yoga class, well I failed, but I’ll do better next time!) She said “I’ll help you or do you just not want to try?”  Now, I was being and ninny, and I admitted it out loud in class, but when Tammy says that, it’s more of a “she’s challenging me” and everyone who knows me, knows I’m always up for a good, healthy challenge.  I said “No, I’ll try it.  I’m just being a ninny.”  Everyone laughed, but it was true.  My body was hurting, my head wasn’t feeling too well, and for the last few days I’ve been having shooting pains in my neck, so I wasn’t to enthused about doing it.  So, in the pose I went, Tammy pushed my feet down, I pushed against her and up I came, BAM!, just like that.  I was impressed.  Then Tammy says, “Look at Melissa everyone, she’s doing it!”  I started laughing and then had to come out of it.  The minute my head hit the floor (not literally), I took a headache above my eyes, across my forehead. I knew that wasn’t good, but I finished out the class and headed home, but not before we did another ‘wild thing’.  Those are contagious!  If you don’t believe me, try one! You’ll be in heaven, not because of the pose, but because you can DO the pose.  (Or maybe it’s just me…hmmm.)

The headache was gone by the time I left the class, I made sure of it ’cause I hate to drive with those kind of headaches with lights hitting me in the eyes.  It’ll bring on a migraine in a heartbeat.

Once home, I told my sister what caused the headache.  For a minute I thought she was going to beat me up.  I received a full minute of lecture before I could get her to shut up long enough for me to say “I DIDN’T CURL MY NECK BACK!”  She stopped and said ok.  If you didn’t curl your neck back, then it wasn’t caused by pinching your neck worse.  She said I was probably holding my breath or was extremely tense and those three big veins across your forehead are attached to the spine, which is attached to everything else, so next time I’m to breathe more and ‘relax’.  I laughed and said “relax in that pose, you really were not watching when I showed you, were you?”  She laughed and said “I’d better be careful or she’d tell my soon to be neck surgeon of my wild yoga poses”.  As if I’m scared of her (I sure hope she doesn’t find this yoga blog, grin)!

The body is sore, but my tummy isn’t as sore as I expected it to be, so that’s a plus.  (I’m sure it’ll sneak up on me tomorrow, as I try to sit up in bed!)

Babysitting tonight for my brother, so no home practice tonight.  I’ll do it tomorrow, when my body has had time to really be sore from last night…laugh.



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