Wild thing…

I DID THIS POSE! It’s called the “wild thing”, and we have been working on this pose every Thursday in January (along with other poses), but I managed to do it!  I didn’t stay in it for very long, a few breaths, but I DID IT!

If you would’ve asked me if I would ever do this pose when we first started working on it, I would’ve laughed in your face.  Not only did I do this, pose, but I also did the pose leading into it, side plank, which of course I didn’t stay in and fell out of a few times, but I’m getting there.  I’m actually getting there! And you know it’s true, as I learn I can do these poses with dedication, hard work and determination, I’m learning, I can do anything.  Yoga is definitely working on healing my lack of self-esteem.

You know, I must stop here and give props to someone who first introduced me to yoga, Holly Hudson.  She never pushed, always let her yoga light shine, and always answered questions when I had them.  Then I found myself in one of her classes at the Payne Center, and the rest, may we say is history.  Thank you Holly!  If it weren’t for you, I would’ve never tried yoga, and I would never be on this path I’m currently on.  You were always a rock, and I’m sure you still are…smile.

Now back to this blog, my arms are sore (killing me more like it), but I did it.  I’ve yet to master the ‘nose bleed’ pose as someone in our class has dubbed it, or the sugar cane pose (don’t quote me on that one) but after my wild thing pose, I was too tired and shaking and couldn’t stay in the nose bleed pose, so I caved and went into child’s pose and tried to bring my heart rate down.

I was a sweaty mess when I left, but I was in hog heaven (why do we say that phrase?), anyway, my monkey brain at work. I went straight home and showed my parents what I could do.  My mom almost had a fit, due to my neck, but my sister assured her that I was protecting my neck and I was fine, it would actually help my neck.  It would stretch me and allow oxygen into the slipped disc.

I think, no I know, last night’s class was an eye opener for me.  I may not have a skinny body anymore, but I can teach my body to do whatever yoga pose I’m taught.  It may take me longer, but I can do it.

I CAN do it….



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