Serenity and Peace

Yoga class last night was a test of ‘ahimsa’ and serenity, to say the least.

Our class was interrupted by a person and our instructor (my new guru, she just doesn’t know it yet, grin) handled the situation with a ‘do unto others as you would have others do unto you’ attitude, with a smile on her face.

We were not so forgiving of the situation, but Tammy allowed us time to voice our opinion, then she re-started class, and off we went.

For those who know me, know I can not just ‘let things go’, especially when I know we’ve been wronged.  So for the rest of the practice, Tammy made us sweat.  The serenity class was out the window, she was determined to get our minds off of what had happened, or so that’s my opinion because I was sweating like pig on a barbie, geez can I sweat!

Every pose was a challenge for me.  I was either shaking or second guessing being in the pose correctly, or I was falling out of the pose.  Why you ask?  Because I was reeling from the situation Tammy had been put in.

I was amazed that a person who calls themselves a Christian could just think he was entitled and us yogis didn’t matter.  Did he not realize that in that studio were Christians as well, and he had made an ass of himself?  Did he not realize that he wasn’t doing the work of his Father?

As we were leaving, I had made it up in my mind I was going to post a scripture and verse on his vehicle to remind him of his Christian responsibilities, and as I was getting in my car one of the guys who does yoga with us, I won’t name out of respect because most people don’t like to be identified without permission, said “Remember, serenity and peace.”  We both laughed.  I got in my car, shut my door, and left his actions for God to reprimand.

So the next time you do something to someone, ask yourself, “is my light shining?”, or have I turned it off in order to perform a certain task, and then turn it back on when I’ve completed that task.

Serenity and peace, two ‘ideals’ that I find extremely hard to grasp hold of and hang on to. My prayer is with time, I’ll learn.  I’ll learn from those who are teaching and guiding me, one of those people being my yoga teacher, Tammy.

Until next time, may serenity and peace be with you.



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