Thursday night killer yoga…grin

The pose to the left is called Ardha Chandra Chapasana or Sugarcane pose.  Yes, I’m trying hard to learn the sankrit names/spellings of the yoga poses.  If I’m going to do delve headlong into this journey, I figure I must do it correctly, what ever that means, for me….

Last night was so challenging, sweaty, and so very FUN!  Yes you heard it from me, f-u-n.  We did a lot more asanas and they were all very challenging.  (My other new intention is to not use ‘hard’ when referring to yoga.  It’s only ‘hard’ if I allow my brain to think it is, especially after Tammy’s reading last night prior to practice.  And if you catch me in the right mood, nothing will ever be ‘hard’ again, just challenging.  And in meeting that challenge, I can say I accomplished that goal, next one….)

I was very mindful as to what I would write in today’s blog.  I could’ve complained about all the soreness and what I couldn’t do, but I decided no, not happening in todays yoga blog.

I wanted to remember last night, to remember that I did a half handstand up the wall, with Amy keeping her feet on my shoulders to keep me from falling.  I wanted to remember that I tried it a second time and had her to ease off the pressure on the shoulders and quickly had her reapply the pressure, I’ll admit it, I got scared.  And that’s ok, there’ll be a next time, smile. (Show up to find out what I mean!)

I wanted to remember to remind myself that I need to start wearing long yoga pants because my hands, heck my whole body, sweats so badly that when I reach back to grab my foot in Ardha Chandra Chapasana, my hand slips off ’cause I’m so sweaty.

I wanted to remember that I must never do the elliptical the day before a yoga class ’cause my legs felt like a hot poker had been jabbed into my quads and I was in pain. Laugh!

When done correctly, yoga should leave the beginner sore.  If you’re not sore, find another studio!  Your muscles should be contracting equally, all over your body.  I’m not necessarily a beginner, just haven’t practiced steadily in a long time and now here I am again due to an injury.  And you know, I think it’s my sign from God to STAY in yoga.  Yoga = minor/less/no injuries…my motto anyway.

I’ve only just begun this journey with real intentions (goals).  When I reach them, I’ll tell you what they were, until then, keep reading and see you at the studio.



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