Full class

Last night’s yoga class, for me, was shutting out the storm that was raging outside, and following my heart as I worked on the mat.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am terrified of bad weather.  And as the lightning and the thunder rolled outside, I worked very hard to allow it to do so without me panicking.  I believe I did fairly well, until Tammy would say, “look up to the ceiling and feel the rain falling on your face”.  Naw, I didn’t want no rain falling on my face, especially with the lightning falling along with it, laugh.  Nonetheless, the weather co-operated and didn’t treat us too badly.

Again, challenging is a good word for last night.  We did tree poses, which I find very hard for some reason, and from there we became an airplane and nose dived into a split.  Well, I’m sure there were some who where doing splits, but not me.  I’m not sure when I lost my flexibility, but I have.

When I was young, I was able to do splits, backbends, front hand springs, cartwheels, backbend walk overs, hand stands, you name it, I could do it. Now at my age, I just can’t find that flexibility.  But I go to class with the principles Tammy has taught me, and I’ve learned well – it’s not about what your neighbor is doing, or how flexible your neighbor is, it’s about my practice, how far I can go into a pose, how long I can stay there, and how confident it makes me each time I go a little further into a pose and stay a little longer in a pose.

As we transitioned into savasana, I found myself being thankful for all of God’s mercy and grace.  Last night’s weather could’ve really interrupted my concentration and I could’ve been terrified the entire time, just waiting for the lightning to strike, but it didn’t.  God was merciful and showed me more grace than I deserved.  And then I thought, isn’t that just like God?!  To show His children more mercy and grace than we ever deserve.  I realized that while we know He’s with us during our small trails, why do we always wonder if He’s with us during our super, dynawoping trails?

He’s there, He carries us, and I am very thankful for Him and His never changing mercy and grace!



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