A week behind…

Ok, so I’m a week behind on blogging.  Would you like to know why?  No, well sorry, you get to read it anyway, unless of course you move along and don’t read it, then so be it, smile.

The first week of January my brother was ill, nothing would stay down or in.  He finally emerged from his sickness on the 7th.  The following tuesday morning his wife woke him up sick.  Her visit to the doctor caused my brother to pack up Lily (my 9 month old niece) and bring her to the house, so we were officially on Lily duty – me, mom, dad, and tinkerbell.  Needless to say, I spent Wednesday-Friday at home with the baby or at the ER with Selena, my sister-in-law.  Then Thursday morning, my brother’s step-daughter woke up vomiting.  He took her, that night, to the ER.  Friday night, they all seemed back to normal, so we let Lily go home.  Saturday morning at 4AM, my mother woke up with the same thing my brother had, are you kidding me?!  Lucky for us, her and thanks be to God (He was merciful!), she spent that day only fighting to keep things in and down.  Thankfully they shared all the meds the docs and ER had given them, so mom didn’t have to make the dreaded trip to the ER. Thus far dad and I have only had a few rounds of keeping things in, but all seems back to normal.  We had no keeping things down issues, THANK GOD!

Needless to say, I only made it to yoga Tuesday of last week and it was an ‘interesting’ class to say the least.  We even named a new Tammy pose, the Jane Fonda Dolphin Pose, I think – ’cause that’s just too long ago for me to remember, laugh.  I wasn’t able to go last Thursday because I sat in the ER with Selena from noon until 6, so no yoga for me.

Saturday, I did a yoga dvd with John Friend. He loves backbends, so I did child poses, ’cause I can’t do backbends, they kill me.  Remember, yoga = no pain!

I’m back tonight, and the weather is nasty.  I’m gonna bet the class will have something to do with the weather.  Who’s betting with me?  Grin.



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