Yoga – good or bad

I’m forever stunned by people and their ability to quickly judge different things.  I just finished reading an article that said yoga is bad for you, then behind it a blogger told how she was pulled out of depression thanks to yoga.

Ok, so here’s my philosophy, for all it’s worth, on the good and bad of yoga, and mind you I’m no instructor (although I’ve thought about it, grin).

1. If it hurts STOP. Yoga isn’t supposed to hurt, it’s suppose to make you feel good.  Everyone has a pain threshold, learn it, respect it.

2. If you have old injuries, DO NOT go into yoga and aggravate it.  Again, your pain threshold!

3. If you have a really good yoga instructor, he/she will know how to modify around your injury to help you HEAL.

4. If you are new to yoga and you have health, structural issues, go see your doctor.  Find out what he/she recommends you NOT do in yoga.  Then pair and share with your instructor, so you don’t injure or re-injure yourself.

5. Why do people always blame their pain on yoga, running, cycling, etc?

Walking to your office in a parking lot has dangers, someone racing to a parking spot could not see you and plow you over, so there…no yoga, running, cycling did it to you.

Geez, as Thumper said on Bambi “If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothing at all.”

Talking down about something that may help someone isn’t fair to that person who’s looking for their ‘saving grace’.

I, for one, just can’t stand on my head, it hurts my neck, so I don’t do it.  I have a bad back, so I don’t do backbends, not safe for me, but I don’t stop doing yoga because I can’t do those two poses.  (I’m sure there are more poses, but I stay in the beginners classes, so I don’t hurt myself.)  I have no desire to get into a pretzel, I do yoga 2 to 3 days a week, my body isn’t flexible enough for a pretzel.

I don’t push, looking for my pain threshold, because at that point I’ve gone too far for me.  I push until it feels good, until I feel good, and then I relish in that goodness.  My body is too beat up to push it, so I use my guide (my instructor) and move into a pose, breath, and enjoy.  Life’s to short to push, for me anyway.

So for those of you looking at yoga as a healing tool – GO FOR IT!  Find a good instructor, and you’ll know when you find him/her, because they won’t push, they’ll guide.



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