MRI results

I met with my doctor early this morning, and the news isn’t good.  I have to decide whether or not to have neck surgery.  When I was rear-ended C5 slipped off of C6 and is pinching the nerve creating massive headaches and my left arm to hurt and go numb. Add to it a crack in the lamina of C7 and life isn’t easy.

The pain will become worse, if I don’t have the surgery, so….

This all because a 19 year old driver wasn’t paying attention to the traffic ahead of her.

I’ve been ban for everything other than yoga (but no headstands), thank God I love yoga (and I don’t do headstands anyway), smile.

I’ll let everyone know what I decide/when I decide it.  I’m still just trying to digest everything.  This wasn’t the results I was expecting, not at all!

Prayers would be good, I think….

Dazed and confused….


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