First yoga class of 2012…

Yesterday after work, I made my way to The Yoga Room for my first class of 2012.  I was super excited even though I had a bad headache and my body wasn’t feeling good.  My wrist were especially bothering me as I had kept Lily (my 8 month old niece) for a few hours Monday and she loves to be held, thrown around, and loves the outside, especially feeding the chickens.  Now close your eyes and imagine holding an 8 month old on one hip and a pail of feed in the other hand and now try feeding the chickens, smile, hard to do, but I manage because she loves to ‘help’.

Sorry, back to yoga. As we began our practice, Tammy, our instructor, read a piece from the Daily Om, “Let yourself be carried”.  It so applies to my life and the way I fight against it, to no avail really.  I was so inspired by the piece that I went home and purchased the book on my Kindle and found the piece and read and re-read it.  Smiling and shaking my head all the while.

The practice was intense, as it always seems to be for me, and as we were almost finished my wrist decided they could do no more.  I was in extreme pain, and all the down-dogs had my head throbbing, but I pushed through, waiting patiently, or not so patiently, for savasana. For those who’ve read other post by me, you are aware that savasana and I do not jive, I can’t stand the stillness and the silence, but for once, I was looking forward to it.  I had pushed my body as far as it could go, and I needed the stillness, the silence; although, I will confess, I wasn’t still, I always find something on my body to move ever so slightly, laugh.

After class, I felt good, head was still hurting, but not throbbing, and my wrist had eased off a bit.

This morning, as I ‘rolled’ out of bed, every fiber in my body was screaming.  I’m not sure if it was the fibro or the butt kicking from Tammy, smile.  Either way, I’m sore, but sore is good, pain isn’t, so I’m going with the butt kicking from Tammy, which by the way I’d rather deal with than deal with the fibro.

We shall see what Thursday brings….



2 thoughts on “First yoga class of 2012…

  1. Talk to Tammy about making modifications to the movements/poses that put too much pressure on your wrists. I have some problems with wrist pain and have to modify. Talk to her and make her aware of specific problems and she will help. Keep at it and the yoga should really help with total body and mind health.

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