Cake update – part 2

Ok, I torted (with chocolate pudding) and crumb-coated all the cakes last night. Yeah!
The gluten-free layers and the 2-6″ rounds weren’t a problem. 

However, when I went to level one of the bottom 10″ layers, the &;^! leveler was off and it cut the cake up something bad.  I almost had a heart attack!

After about 10 minutes of gasping for air, I finally figured out a way to ‘fix’ it.  I torted the side that was off,  with a few layers of icing and added pudding to make it level and BAM! there it is was, the whole cake looked level. WHEW!

Tonight, I put on the final layers, airbrush and put on the decorations.

I’ll be calling James to come get it first thing in the morning, so if anything happens to it after that, it won’t be my fault.  LOL!

Pictures will be posted sometime next week.

Until then, happy caking….


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