Good-bye Mr. Moses

Mr. Moses

Mr. Moses

Sometimes you stumble onto people you don’t know but who share the same love of something or someone you do. This happened to me on Facebook. One day I ‘accidentally’ found Gremlin’s Facebook page.

I had just lost my little man and I spotted Gremlin. He lives with his human family and multiple fur-friends. One of the ‘kids’ was Mr. Moses. I don’t know his story, but if I know he was a rescue. Mr. Moses loved to cook with his human mommy. Check out their YouTube channel.

Mr. Moses recently was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on his spine. He wasn’t given very long to live, but he lived longer than the docs gave him, smile. He was a trooper. He fought hard and long to stay with his family here on Earth. You know, the mind is always willing, but sometimes, the body just isn’t able.

Mr. Moses crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last night. I know, without asking, he was at home with his family as he started his journey back to his Creator.

Mr. Moses, I never got to hug you, never got to tell you how much you helped me heal, nor how much I love you, too. Your fan base with miss you terribly!

I told my Samson and Teddy Bear you were coming, so hopefully they found you.

Rock on Mr. Moses…I’ll see you on the other side. Until then….

About Maude


Maude has rejoined her creator. Enjoy Maude! We will all see you soon.

Originally posted on Adventures at Run A Muck Ranch:

Maude took her last breath, on our couch, her head resting on my hand, my head resting on hers.

Maude didn’t take a piece of our hearts when she passed, she made them whole in a way we didn’t think possible from her life.   To imply that her passing is a loss completely negates all that she gave to us through the years, during a life we, and no one else, were chosen by the cosmos to share.

My condolences and heartfelt sympathies go out to everyone who never met our Maude.

Maude’s best friend in life was the Joy we know as Stella.  Stella left us too soon, several years ago, from soft tissue carcinoma which metastasized so fast, treatment was futile.

They say all dogs go to heaven.  That wasn’t the case with Stella.  Heaven itself knew it wasn’t good enough for her.  Stella went straight to…

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Cooper, 22 February 2014.

Cooper, 22 February 2014.

Update: 27 February 2014

Cooper passed all the vet happenings with flying colors. He’s 12 weeks old. However, failed the most important test. He has been chasing my parents cats and not allowing them in. I surrendered him yesterday morning, paid his adoption fee, so who ever sees him will be able to adopt without fees.

I needed to be home in order to teach him not to mess with the cats and was unable to do that with a full-time job, so….

He’ll be fine. I’ve done my job as a rescue mom, now he will get his forever home.

I hope he always remembers who rescued him and loved him first, smile.

Tally-ho Coop!

25 February 2014

This little boy was thrown on the side of the road with another sibling and some teenage girls picked the two up. They managed to give one away, but had no luck with this little man. I knew he needed better care, so Friday on my way home, I stopped, asked if I could have him and off we went.

Cooper, 22 February 2014.

Cooper, 22 February 2014.

He is all bones, see his pictures? His belly started pooching yesterday, but he’s severely malnourished. He has a vet appt tomorrow to start his shots/worming, have him chipped, and find out about how old he is. He looks like a Rotty/Lab mix.

I named him Cooper, don’t ask me why. I just looked at him and said, “You look like a Cooper.” He wagged his tail and that was it. He has been abused both physically and mentally, yet, he is so trusting. We may not end up being his forever home, but while I have him in my care, he will get all the fixing of a forever home, smile. He will get to stay if he doesn’t start jumping up on anyone. I can’t take the chance of him knocking my mother down with the shape she’s in. So please pray, he will make my job easy, as I start his training today. I can’t use food as a motivator because he gobbles it up.

He gets two feedings three times a day with an hour in between feedings – breakfast, 6 and 7; lunch 12 and 1; and dinner 6 and 7. This weekend I’ll get him a bowl which will stop the gobbling which will help me use food to train him. Either way, he’ll make someone a good pup.

You can talk to him and he just talks back. He’s full of love, just full of love, even after being treated like crap.

(Sorry the pix are bad, but he just wouldn’t hold still for a good one.)

The squirrel whisperer….

flying squirrelThe flying (gliding) squirrel is a sassy critter and my parents long-haired yellow cat, Dew Drop, is in love with them.

She hunts them down just as the sun has set, and she brings them in to play with, then kill, and leave for us to find. We thought she was raiding nest at night, but after reading up on them, she’s not raiding their nest, she hunting them down as they are nocturnal animals. Who knew?!

Every time she brings one in, we try to take it away from her, but it’s usually too wounded to be able to survive, so we run her outside to do her killing. Now I understand, these aren’t babies, they are adults. It’s amazing what one learns when they read, lol.

With the above said, my family and I went out for dinner together Saturday night. We returned home to find de-feathered finch and my sister’s cat setting beside it and doing her soft meow – look what I got for you. We removed the poor baby and my sister vacuumed up the feathers. Cats are predators, so there’s nothing we can do, especially when you live in the country. It’s survival of the fittest out there.

Sunday morning I was awaken by screaming and things falling and as I was trying to wake up to figure out what was going on, my mother yells “Melissa get out of bed. One of these cats have brought in a baby squirrel!!!” These cats aren’t mine. I don’t do cats for this exact reason. I’m a dog person. Needless to say, I literally stumbled out of bed, and walked into the kitchen to see if I can find it. The little sucker zoomed right past me doing a 100. I waited until I had him in the living room, shut both the doors and my sister and I went to work.

You’ve seen kids chasing rabbits or chickens and just when they think they have it, it runs between their legs? Well, we managed to get a towel over him/her 3 times and just as I was trying to get my hands on it, out from under there it would come. We realized it was a gliding squirrel when we had it cornered on the book case and just as I reached for it, it gracefully opened its legs and over our head it went. My sister and I looked at each other like ‘did that just happen’ and we both opened the doors, called in the cats and told the parents it was a gliding squirrel, there was no way we were going to catch it.

With only 30 minutes to get ready for church, I had to borrow a Bible and a jacket because it had made it into my room, and the cat was giving chase. Once at church, the pastor asked if we had any prayer requests, my sister and I looked at each other, started laughing and I raised my hand, “Please pray we manage to get the squirrel out of the house through the doggy door before the cats catch it.” I was serious, there were some snickering, but I didn’t care. Church got under way and after a bit we were dismissed.

After church, I eased opened the porch door, hoping to see it hanging from the rafters ready to go home, but nothing. I unlocked the door and when I walked into my room, there it was, sitting on my alarm clock, looking at me like this was all my fault. Oh and the cat was sitting on my bed ‘chirping’. I looked at the squirrel, started easing up to it, and talking in a low voice. The poor thing was so scared and was doing its head side to side the way a dog does when it hears something it can’t place. All of the sudden, gliders out and across the room it went. Lucky for it, I had just turned off the fan, otherwise, he would’ve been knocked down by the fan. It was back and forth like this for a few minutes, then I backed out of the room and took the cat with me. All of the sudden it came running out of my room and ran straight to the back. It stopped short of the back door and went into the other room. I had my sister stand in the door way to keep him from going back into the main part of the house.

I went into the bedroom and ran it, out and my sister made noise in the door way, so it turned and went out the back door. I slammed the door, put the doggy door down and we gave each other high fives, lol. Then I went out on the back porch opened the door, found it and ran it toward freedom. It worked!!!!

There, I had managed to get my exercise before and after church, OMG!

We sat down to eat and the parents started laughing and my sister called me ‘the squirrel whisperer’. Hmmm, I have to find a way to keep the cat from bringing those things in. She apparently brought it in Saturday night and the poor thing was in the house all night and would’ve gone unnoticed had the cats not ganged up on it to try and catch it yesterday morning.

For now, all’s well that ends well….

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends, as well as enjoying being with family and friends for the new year.

We had a wonderful time! And I managed to stay up (lying in bed) until midnight, not by any choice of my own, but by my neighbors doing – gotta love fireworks! Never have, never will!!! Leave them to the professionals and stop shooting them after midnight! Sorry, I’m a killjoy when it comes to those. A good example, as we were coming home yesterday, we saw fireworks being shot toward the road in front of us. As we drove closer, the fireworks continued and as we passed a father was holding his 7 or 8 year old daughters arm outright as the fireworks shot toward us. Seriously?! Really?! Parents are you aware of the damage those things can do?! There’s a reason why it says ‘do not hold in your hand’. It can amputate and disfigure one easily. Ok, off the soap box….

I noticed my foot was hurting and I was limping the week before we went on Christmas break. The entire first week, I was stuck on the couch because I couldn’t put pressure on it. I finally called the doc last week and he gave me a steroid pak. When I finish it, Tuesday, if it’s not any better, I have to call them to get in to have him look at it. Trust me, the steroid pak isn’t helping at all! God only knows what’s wrong. I know I didn’t hurt it walking or running because I can’t do any of that, still!!!!!!!!!!!!

I figure, the year won’t get any worse. I’m getting all the bad mojo out of the way and it’ll be smooth sailing from here. Woohoo! Look out 2014, here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love my doctors don’t get me wrong. However, sometimes I think I could go my whole life without knowing some things, Like this morning, I went to see my neurologist, a very nice man, who genuinely cares for his patients, and he’s decided to try to ween me off of my migraine meds in June (2015). I am very happy about that.  I’m young,dang why am I falling apart to freakin’ soon?

Laugh, my daddy says it’s because ‘my sins have found me out’. Laugh, if that’s he case, I should be like Job!!!!!

Oh well, I suppose I’ll just have to knit more, write/type more, play more, and let come what may. I can’t stop the inevitable, so on with life.

Now to watch ‘The Sound of Music’ live on tv, the first time in 50 years a musical has been played live.

The first of many first….

As the holidays are quickly approaching, I’m beginning to dread them. This will be the first time in 12 years I’ve had a Thanksgiving without Samson. The first time in 12 years I’ve had a Christmas without him.

The holidays always depress me. Always have as I think about everyone without. Samson made the holidays bearable. He loved turkey at Thanksgiving and wasn’t ashamed in the least bit to beg as long as it took for me to cave in. As much as he loved Thanksgiving and the food, he loved Christmas much more. I would buy him treats and toys, wrap them in paper, and he’d unwrap his gifts. If you think he was content with just his gifts, you’d be wrong. He unwrapped all of mine and shred all of the paper for me. Actually, I think he just liked to have a go at the paper. He thought everyone’s gifts were his. We’d wait until a few days before Christmas to put out the gifts because of him. He’d smell and paw no matter how many times we scolded him. He had a knack for finding my gifts. How he knew those were for me, I’ll never know.

There’s a lot of things like that which Sam did. He knew when I was on my way home if I had been gone on a business trip or vacation. He knew how to calm me when no one else knew I was frazzled. It’s those little things I miss.

While I may blog about my animals, I’m a very private person. No one gets in so I don’t get hurt. When Samson died some part of me died, too. I find myself shutting down and locking the door, again. I don’t want to but it’s a fight or flight instinct in us all, and I don’t have any fight left in me. I really want to fight, but it’s not worth the energy.

I have Maebelle and Molly, but it’s different when you have them within their first few weeks of birth. The bond is like that of any animal imprinting on their mother. Only I bonded to him as much as he bonded to me. He gave me stability at a time when my life sucked.

Tears can’t bring him back ’cause if they could, he’d have been home the minute I had him put down. A coworker’s brother wrote “Grief is the price we pay for love.” And the Bible tells us to rejoice in death for there is no more pain and cry at birthing because a life of pain lies ahead. I’m still trying to figure how to rejoice in Samson’s passing when I miss him so dearly.

Ranchrunamuck wrote “if the pain ever goes away, you didn’t do it right.” If this is the case, I did a freakin’ excellent job rearing my awesome, toe-biting, teeth snarling Samson.

I hope you are putting in a good word for mommy ’cause I’m gonna need it. See you on the other side Chubaca.

Muchos besos y abrazos mijito….